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Winning with no kills

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Just had a game where i had almost 1500 damage, with 0 kills, while a teammate of mine basically stole every one of them from me, he had like 800 damage with 8 kills. I don't know how to feel about that lolRaised eyebrow.

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Re: Winning with no kills

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I had a game where me and ny teammate won with 0 kills. Not even sure we did any damage. 


Last ring was between Lava Fissure and Drill Site. We were holding down that building.


Realllly tiny ring I set up some Wattson fences in it. Ring starts to close.


We're crowned champions.




Not sure how I felt about that either. Stealth win.



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Re: Winning with no kills

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@Cro_Pittt And ?
i'm really not care im just play for fun.
you can make more DMG and kills with spam sniper and grnade but I dont feel it will reward me.
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Re: Winning with no kills

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@1ronKeysThose are the weirdest games where it suddenly says you're champion.

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Re: Winning with no kills

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@hayhor I remember it was a tinnnny ring and we could hear the opponent, I gradually built a labyrinth on fences out the hut into the centre of the ring, I was expecting the person to start shooting us or jump down into the fences.

Instead we didnt see them and that was it.

I'm not even sure we saw a single opponent the whole game.
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Re: Winning with no kills

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@hayhor Then there was another one where there were a few fights happening and my teammates got downed but i sprinted for the ring... calling me all sorts down the mic...

Then suddenly we were crowned champions. Because I was the only player apparently with the foresight to not be standing about fighting as round 5 or whatever ring started closing.

I know an opp was running with me but they got caught and died.

Made an appropriate and smugly sarcastic play on one of the insults at myself.
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Re: Winning with no kills

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you tell me lol I played the armor mode, I go aggressive but Isolate to full buildings on solo the 6 games in a row I came out with double p2020 or p2020 + RE45 or p2020 and triple take for close range fights. TBH triple take was the best loll, but I fight others and every seem to find Peacekeepers and Havocs

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