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Re: Wingman OP?

by OldAndKnackered

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Re: Wingman OP?

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@Cj_beast1415 wrote:

Yess the wing man is a ver Very unfair it takes 3 to 4 hits for a whole purple blue red shield to come off and then three more shots to the body If hit the head with the perk its quicker it makes no sense how  I’m running around with a goddamn devotion and I can’t kill one person who dropped my whole squad with a wing man it’s ridiculous I literally delete this game but my friends insisted I keep playing n it never changes just disappointed the weapons I. This game are so unbalanced 

@Cj_beast1415You just got owned xD

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Re: Wingman OP?

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@Cj_beast1415 If a guy kills your whole squad with a Wingman, that shows how bad your squad was. Wingman requires skill, I rarely pick it up because I suck at using Wingman.
Also, nice necro thread.
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Re: Wingman OP?

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my problem with wingman is other 70% of guns are rlly * and not bother to take it if u hav good aim it make this game boring for me.

wingman hav best ads speed and dmg.

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Re: Wingman OP?

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I'd argue nothing is OP in my handS!



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Re: Wingman OP?

@boy_Hoodle It does not no reg as much as people think, it's the aim and attempts to fire it to fast. I hated the gun for a while, was forced to use to and slowed down a bit. Landing shots with it can be destroy people.

I don't use it in CQC, I use some place in the range between medium and short range fights. If you don't hit 1 head shot with it in CQC your dead to almost every other gun.

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Re: Wingman OP?

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I thought I was the only player in the world who was complete trash with the Wingman but when spectating a TM yesterday after being downed they missed nine successive Wingman shots in CQC.


I just cannot hit with it, unless in the Firing range and I'm firing at dummies.


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Re: Wingman OP?

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I m just sad about that "Wraith Wingman" Mania... it's not normal how many Headshots i've got over the last days!



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Re: Wingman OP?

@boy_Hoodle I don't think it is, it's a very difficult gun to use and use effectively. Most people won't use it.

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