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Will we see a solid online ranking system?

by UR-TomatoGun

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Will we see a solid online ranking system?

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Just wondering if Respawn plan on bringing out their official worldwide leaderboards for Apex? A ranking system like League Of Legends' one on their official site would be fantastic, where you can see the top players in the world. For example, do I sit 60,000th in the world? Am I in the top 500 players in my country? Stats like that are what I'd love for this game. It could really show everyone the talent that's out there and provide opportunity for all highly dedicated players wishing to push for something bigger and more professional in Apex.


I am keen on this game becoming a big Esport. However, these ideas would possibly be more applicable to a solo mode, which I am hoping becomes a permanent feature in the game. The ranked system can work for squads, but solos is where it will shine most. What do you guys think of this?

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