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Why the Future of this Game is probably going to be more Exciting than any other

by GhostDoggSamurai

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Why the Future of this Game is probably going to be more Exciting than any other

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Don't get me wrong. To say it's been a troubled start is putting it extremely mildly.


And yeah - Anthem will get better. The road map is unfurling. There will be fixes, patches, new modes, better loot, funny emotes, funky cosmetics and more activities. Just like all the other looter-shooter, game-as-a-service titles that we are seeing more of.


That's great, but it's not what is going to make this game special. It's not even the flying around like Iron Man.


No - what's going to make this game special is the ingenious gimmick placed in there, in the form of reality being able to warp, change and be re-shaped.


Think about it:


The Division 2 will have new areas, new stories, weapons, etc.


Warframe will have new Warframes.


Destiny 2 will have... more recycled content from Destiny 1 (from the sound of it).


Meanwhile, with Anthem... anything can change. Or everything. There are absolutely no limits.


It's a game developer's - and for that matter, gamer's - dream, in my opinion.

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