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Why spawn us 20+ seconds away???

by CJackson5083

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Why spawn us 20+ seconds away???

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I don't care if we have unlimited sprint.  Why are we spawned 20+ seconds away from the action???  Take away the unlimited sprint or have it on a cool down and spawn us closer to the action.  This is ridiculous.

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Re: Why spawn us 20+ seconds away???

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20+ seconds away is to make overtime not so bad. They need to fix sprint where whenever you take dmg, you stop sprinting and have a slight cooldown before you can sprint again. Most games have larger maps, safe areas you would say to stay back for snipers for long range or healers. The longer maps also emphasize the importance of reviving instead of having to march all the way back to the action

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Re: Why spawn us 20+ seconds away???

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I don't mind the distance of the spawn points. I do, however, hope they fix the direction you face when you respaw. Most of the time you spawn facing the goal, but every once in a while you spawn facing away from the goal. It can be very disorientingly unpleasant. I typically start running in the wrong direction for 5 seconds and then realize my mistake. But sometimes every second counts.


Also, overtime would be less of an issue if they made the "contested" part of turf takeover a weighted process where whichever team has more players in the base continues to make headway at reduced pace due to the lesser number of players from the opposing team present. Like in GW1 & 2. I've had so many games drawn out by an extra 10 minutes due to just one player being in the base. He dies and someone else takes his place before time runs out on overtime. The overtime meter and both teams being able to move the progress bar are great additions to the game. Being able to stop all progress with one single player continuously being replaced because the base is "contested" is not. And it certainly doesn't help reduce the amount of overtime.

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Re: Why spawn us 20+ seconds away???

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Welcome to Overwatch... The new system and even map design resemble Overwatch very well. Most of the covers/flank routes, second floors and building ceilings look close to an Overwatch map. Not that I'm saying it's a good or bad thing. I somewhat like it, but it feels a bit "forced" unlike GW1 and GW2, the maps there felt more "natural" as the maps' terrain differed significantly from a map to another. On the moon for example, when you attack as plants in GW2, the first area was "too open" if you remember it correctly. The same thing could be said about the snowy map when you attack as zombies in GW2.  The new map design is "good" because it provides defensive cover and strategic places unlike previous games. But that somewhat makes most maps feel very close and similar to each other. Also, it increases the difficulty of the game a bit, because most routes are "predictable" and "narrow". And that mostly favors the plants more than zombies since they have more AoE abilities and also traps.


And, sadly, they took the worst element out of it. Respawning in Overwatch is the most boring thing ever. Especially if you were on defense. They spawn you 20+ seconds away and if you're using a slow hero with no mobility abilities, enjoy suffering every time you die. Hence why people hate playing slow tanks in general there. You have to walk a very long distance just to go back to the objective.

That's why I prefer "attacking" in most maps, rather than defending. If you've noticed, attackers spawn relatively close to most objectives, except the last one. Where the defenders usually have the advantage.


That's also why, if you ever played with me, you'd noticed that I get "revive master" more than others if I wasn't playing sniper. Because I know very well how it sucks to have to walk back again.


They also removed teleporters. And replaced them with hero abilities that buff speed instead. Rose is a difficult one as you can't push your teammates faster if you weren't there. The engineer can place pads on the floor and leave them there.

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Re: Why spawn us 20+ seconds away???

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@GammaX6 I think teleporters were removed because it was too easy for the defending team to stake the area out to prevent the teleporter being built in the first place, destroy it after being built or pick off the team as they come through, but they did provide quicker access to the objective if you could get it built & protected.
I'd guess the idea of respawning further away from the objective is to provide a bigger "safe" space on the approach to the objective but in practice, this isn't always working well particularly on 1st base as the defending team has the same amount of time to cover the distance to the spawn & hold the attacking team there.
Similarly I think the point of the overtime resets is to give the attacking team time to cover the distance from the respawn.
People not reviving is the HUGE problem! Maybe more would do it if you got greater xp for doing so? And maybe make players more aware the revive time is so much quicker if more than one person is doing it??
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Re: Why spawn us 20+ seconds away???

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It also comes down to teamplay. More revives at the front and more speed abilities to help the team move faster.

2 or 3 speed pads from the engineer could make all the difference.

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