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Re: Why so reluctant to fix the loot?

by Intoxicus710

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Re: Why so reluctant to fix the loot?

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A big appeal for the game to me is variance of builds.

Running repetitive content is a great bench mark for how your new build is working out?


But when Legos drop every few days, and quite often it's a repeat with a bad roll, then I've no desire to keep running stale content, with stale builds. 


I'm back playing D2 atm, but I'm certainly not done with Anthem. 


Probably prefer it in some ways to Destiny 2.


But until more end game content is added, or and the loot is fixed, I'll continue to smash out the new stuff in destiny. 


Yes I can play both, but I'd rather put more hours into anthem if I can? 

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Re: Why so reluctant to fix the loot?

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@cake404 wrote:


  • People who play every day will have close to BiS Legos within a week or two, and again start complaining that Legendaries are trash and they don’t get a sense of progression anymore.


Most legendary drops are trash.


There is no BiS Legos in this game. There are no set items in this game. Each legeldary weapon comes with 4 possible inscriptions out of, I don't even know how many possibilities, and then you have to see that the +% is on the inscriptions. Even doubling the drop rate, as it is now, would take months for someone to get the gear they want for one javelin. 11 Pieces of gear, each with multiple RnG rolls for each inscription.


There are no preset legeldary drops. There are no set pieces. Building the "BiS" in this game is practically impossible. That would mean getting all the exact items you want and each inscription you want with the max level % on each inscription. I don't know what the chance of that happening is but, I bet I'm more likely to get eaten by a shark and I don't go into the ocean.

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Re: Why so reluctant to fix the loot?

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It's the whole reason I stopped playing....I figure what's the point if the loot doesn't drop and there's no meaningful progression....It just gets discouraging and I play the game to have fun not to get discouraged and frustrated.....I hope it gets addressed when the catalyst thing takes place other wise there's not going to be much of a reason to grind it.....I'm still hoping but it's fading fast

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Re: Why so reluctant to fix the loot?

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I'm waiting for Cataclysm to see if anything about loot is addressed. If not... I'll definitely be gone for good, especially when Borderland 3 drops.

Too bad because even with all it's faults, I still love playing Anthem! It relaxes me Standard smile

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Re: Why so reluctant to fix the loot?

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In a single day they could easily create a hundred new legendary items with varying titles and stats. A huge variety... and then increase drop rate, and guarantee at least 1 for GM2, 2 for GM3.


it would be a short term fix but it would be something. The dumbest thing they could do is let players starve. 


Feed the players. These gear scores and levels are just numbers and numbers can go up... So up the numbers.

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Re: Why so reluctant to fix the loot?

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Ben Irving's Ego.

After being exposed to what he did to previous games with Loot Mechanics I've gathered that Ben Irving doesn't have a * clue about how to do Loot properly and won't admit it.

He can't get over his own ego and admit he doesn't know how to do Loot Mechanics and won't let anyone do anything that makes sense.

I would bet that if we could get that inside scoop of Bioware's politics we would find that Ben Irving and maybe other leads are too stuck on their ideations and refuse to look at the evidence in front of their face that they suck at doing Loot and need to get someone else to be Lead.

If I could choose one thing to fix Anthem it would be to replace all the leads.

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Re: Why so reluctant to fix the loot?

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Adding more Legendary items won't fix the broken itemization and affix system(inscriptions)

There are too many redundant inscriptions that effectively dilute the loot pool to the point of Casino Odds.

Combining and Condensing Inspirations alone would do a lot to fix loot.

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Re: Why so reluctant to fix the loot?

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All I know is when I’m sitting at a gear score around 720 and I spend a half hour taking down a GM2 stronghold, and all I get are orange and purple, it’s demoralizing.


I want at least 1 guaranteed yellow after all that work. Just a minimum 1. The orange and purple are nothing to me. Absolutely nothing. GM1 is so much easier than GM2... to take the extra time and effort of a GM2 I want some kind of guaranteed goodness appropriate for my level.


If all they did was guarantee at least 1 yellow on GM2 and 2 yellows on GM3, a lot of my complaints on loot would be diminished.

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