Why so large Apex updates?

by TheSpecialshark

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Why so large Apex updates?

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Hey just wondering if anyone know why some Apex Legends updates are so big? Just curious, because I get it that you need to update quite a bit data if you haven't played for a while, but some updates are around 24-48GB from player to player even if you have been relatively active. I personally believe the game just need to check itselfs and it's files


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Re: Why so large Apex updates?

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@TheSpecialshark Depends on what’s coming. They alter files and some files need to be redownloaded. That’s why some updates weigh in at 30+ but your file size stays roughly the same.

For example, xbox usually has the highest file size of all devices. Last patch before this one the download size was 48 GB while the file size of the game already weighed in at 40+ so ppl thought they needed 90GB only to see that the file stayed at 60GB or something.

It’s a big game and sometimes they already drop new content for an upcoming update. Be glad that you don’t have to do the 100+ downloads of Warzone xD
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