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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

by zdragonlord

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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@BoosterTungsten wrote:




There are no hidden meanings in those sentences.  You are just putting words into their mouth to fit what you want to believe.

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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@BoosterTungsten wrote:



I just want to ask:

Why should they do that update? What is their motivation? There will be no money from that, WHY should they do that?


Who can answer these questions? What money will they collect from this overhaul and how will they pay for it?

And: ancient concepts like "keeping their face", honor etc. are off the table. I am thinking in business concepts.


It would be very interesting how they would explain that to their customers and to their shareholders.

Actually you are asking a question that has a very simple and obvious answer.


The number of players playing games fluctuate. The highest number of the players is at release and then it declines. Each update results in an instant increase (jump) of the player number, i.e. players who stopped playing the game return to see what has changed in the game. If they are able to drastically improve the gameplay and the QoL after updates this will draw the attention to the game and more players will come playing it. A really successful update might also lead to more interest to the game from players who do not own it yet. This will result in more sales of in-game cosmetic items and more game copies sold.

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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If they are able to drastically improve the gameplay and the QoL after updates



I have a problem with that. This "if" depends on a massive investment in money and developer, tester and artists etc. time.



They would have to reimplement the game from scratch. Why do I think so? They do not have the manpower to do all testcases and they do not have the manpower to do the test automation right.


I see how small changes influence a lot of other parts of the game with every patch causing strange bugs.


This is a strong indicator that their software base is a mess and it needs a massive redesign.

If they want to add even more content this even gets worse and things get more complicated exponential.



Why do I know that? I am a software engineer myself and I have seen a lot of stinking code out there in the decades I did this job.

I smell that kind of code if I see the bugs they have to fight with.


Don't get me wrong: I don't blame the developers, testers and artists. They had to deliver something fast to works, at last somehow.

They are NOT responsible! (I want to point this out cause I do understand them very well. They did what they could and now they are left alone in the heat. I know those stories, believe me... and I sympathize with them)



So being able to improve the game on the scale you expect it to improve is possible. But do you think they are capable of it?

Do you think this software team is fresh and full of ideas? Or do you think they are crunched out and tired?


And let's assume they switch developers, do you think those guys coming to the code are productive within a few days?


Talking about "hey they will improve it" is easy but are you aware of the costs and the time this will take?


Someone has to fund that. Someone has to pay that. And if those guys calculate that the playerbase in that distant future won't catch up with the money they expect they will cut down content, patches, everything.


So you have a team in a bad mood, some newbies and some controllers who want to cut down your budget.


What do you think will be the outcome?

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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@BoosterTungsten wrote:




What do you think will be the outcome?

Anthem is the most successful digitally selling game released by EA, so they should have money to improve it, and improving Anthem should not be hard.


Major changes to the loot system have been announced a little bit more than 2 months ago. And they should share more information on the Cataclysm this month.

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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I think you should read the post by @AI_AB_AI. It pretty much answers your questions to me and I am in agreement with his points. 


I still feel there will definitely be a Pilot Mastery System. I haven't read anything from BioWare stating that any of the features/content they removed from the roadmap were removed permanently. It's rational to assume they would remove any features/content from the roadmap until they were ready to confirm the date for release. 


Did they make a mistake when posting the original roadmap? Yes, but it's understandable that they wanted to assure players that they had future plans for Anthem. I'm sure it seemed reasonable to release according to the roadmap at the time, but there are often unforeseen obstacles when developing new features/content for any game. 


I don't know why anyone would be talking about an "Anthem 2" based on the recent launch of the original title. Anthem is only 3 months old. Why would they start building a sequel to an original title when it hasn't even matured? Have you read any official mention of an Anthem sequel from BioWare? 


Everything you (and many others) have arbitrarily decided about future of Anthem can really be attributed to a severe lack of patience. I would recommend that you don't try to read between the lines because you frankly don't show much aptitude for it. Everything you arbitrarily believe about the future of Anthem was recently addressed by BioWare in response to Anthem's post-launch state.


I don't feel there is any reason to doubt their statements about the future plans for Anthem. The roadmap had features/content removed. That's true. However, the explanation as to why was perfectly rational. It was admittedly disappointing to read, but it was rational. 


I personally feel that the communication has dropped off dramatically because of a few mistakes (that received an overwhelmingly negative and toxic response from many in the community) in mentioning plans and then realizing too late that they needed to be delayed or that they wanted to go another direction. This is totally normal for the Game as a Service model. 


One must consider the amount of time it takes to develop content that's ready for release. Sometimes, after an idea is conceived and a plan is made, a new idea forms and potentially conflicts with the original plan. Since the original plan is still in development and hasn't been released, it's well within their rights to implement the new (or modified) plan instead of the original plan. 

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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Honestly, if anybody wants to improve Anthem as a player, the best thing you can do is share your constructive criticism. 


It's like you're *trying* to make the game fail by spreading overwhelming disappointment and hopelessness to anyone and everyone that you can. 


Just because you have an incredible imagination when it comes to reading between the lines doesn't make anything you believe in any way realistic or rational.


Your first post demonstrated poor aptitude when it comes to reading between the lines, but your subsequent posts have left no doubt that you are utterly and hopelessly clueless in that regard. 


It's just like @Githil stated in his response to your post. 

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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Most people here seem to get it. The problem isn't directly the loot, but the time vs reward.


Let's look at Destiny 2. On launch and a ways in, nowhere was guaranteed progress. People got frustrated when they hit a wall and had to pray for better stuff. Only sure fire were raids, even then still not for sure. Then came daily/weekly milestones, guaranteed better stuff, primed grams, etc. Ways we were GUARANTEED higher stuff. Granted the game is still in a terrible place, but I digress.


Anthem is having the same issue.

No reward for time spent = frustration/boredom.

Boredom = less play = less money to EA/BW = less creative content = even less people.

What needs immediate fixing is that time vs reward. If I play a stronghold on GM3, I should be guaranteed a legendary. Period. GM2 should be a steep 40-60%, ON BOSS KILL. Period. Those "difficult legendary contracts/missions" should have a good drop rate on completion. 


We need stable sources. New content is totally useless when only super no lives or lucky people can play it. Besides, why add new stuff when 80% of the playerbase will never get it? 

Fix what's broken first, then focus on new fluff from there. Simple as that.

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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Loot is meaningless at this point, Anthem needed many more years to be fruitful it was released far too early and the developers were not ready to do this type of game.. It needed content and actual social tools.. it had none.


Bioware are as a developmental company are a joke imo.

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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Wow!!! Thank you for saying what we are all thinking. 

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Re: Why loot is not the answer and won't change anything

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And with more content, storyline and better missions. The player is awarded with better loot, armor,weapons, etc. I know I have been playing Anthem since day one of Xbox one released date. Also, not everyone has 6 to 8 hours to grind a game to maybe get something better.
Please understand that.

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