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Re: Why is this suddenly happening now?

by a10miletooth

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Why is this suddenly happening now?

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Anthem Screenshot 2019.02.21 -


Why does it not place me into my own instance like it used to and then have people drop in/out or drop me into an already existing instance that isn't full? Why am I not allowed to set Freeplay to Private? I was sitting in front of this screen for 3 minutes before grabbing it and logging off. Having a loading screen for   e v e r y t h i n g   wasn't quite obnoxious enough to break my back. Why the decision was made to have the loadout selection tied to the cosmetic selection is beyond my comprehension, that should have just been a floating menu box and not a whole separate instance. My connection has always been good to the point where I'm loading in first or at the same time as the next quickest person so I was never hit by the tether load screen marathon like a lot of others, if that was happening to me I wouldn't have made it very far. But, with this new development along with there still being no stat sheet.... I really wanted this game to hold me over until Cyberpunk.





But in all seriousness... wtf, BioWare? How did so many bad decisions make it through to Anthem when your games have been a safe bet for decades?

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Re: Why is this suddenly happening now?

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Not sure what you are trying to tell us here. You tried to launch freeplay, but it wouldn’t start an instance because it was waiting on matchmaking? Why does it say you are not ready? And the launch button is grayed out...

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Re: Why is this suddenly happening now?

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It's exactly as it looks. The game would not let me launch Freeplay because it was waiting for matchmaking.

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