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Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

by shifter_6x

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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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@SofaJockeyUK wrote:

@NoInstall wrote:


Remember the instability of the two demos??? The damn demos couldn't even run for the length of time the E3 trailer did without any issues and what your trying to say the E3 trailer was that stable in a MUCH earlier build??


Not buying your reasoning dude!!

The trailer will have been recorded in-studio without the internet to deal with (connectivity being a primary reason for demo failures).

I don't doubt there will have been several attempts to record it.


That the game ran successfully for the length of the trailer is clear to see.

So the other 3 people were what? Scripted Bots??


Clearly you "Don't know the details either"  so pretty pointless don't you think to argue about what we don't know right??

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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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They weren't "dead silent." They admitted their mistake in making announcements prematurely and made a statement that they would now release information only when new features/content were close to being ready. 


If Anthem wasn't a title in the Game as a Service model, I would agree with you on delivering a finished product out of the box. As for post-launch issues with GaaS titles, there is no title in that category that doesn't have them. 


How can you claim they delayed the roadmap "INFINITELY" when infinity hasn't been reached yet? Are you a psychic?


I'm not sure how you can exaggerate stating there is "ZERO" content when there is--at the very least--repeatable content. Whenever you say "zero," you have to realize that if you get it wrong, it's a binary right or wrong, just like black and white.


I feel it's best to refrain from making completely erroneous statements as people may get the idea that you have no clue what you're talking about and completely disregard anything you say after they have made that conclusion. Knowing that, I question your motivation for posting in the first place. 


I don't remember reading anything about permanently delaying the roadmap. It's still there, it just had features/content removed until they were ready to announce release date.


I was disappointed when they removed the Pilot Mastery System, but I'm sure it's better that they delayed it rather than releasing it in an unfinished/unpolished state.


"The best laid plans" they say...

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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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I agree that I should probably use the quote function for clarity. 


I think you're just being excessively critical and impatient.


The game hasn't even been out for 3 months and you sound so violently disappointed that it doesn't meet your arbitrary requirements for success.


Why do you feel the need to spread that toxic feeling to everyone else?


Anthem is a Game as a Service title. That means it's not going to be perfect at launch and new features/content will be released gradually. There has already been a significant decline in issues since launch and it continues to improve with every patch. I'm sorry to break it to you (*sarcasm-filter activated*), but if you're looking for perfection at launch, then GaaS isn't for you. 



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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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@SofaJockeyUK wrote:

It is a good game, it being 'bad' is entirely your opinion. I see no malpractice, I do see some bad launch bugs and some poor planning. And no, we don't know what happened behind the scenes, we merely have an indication.


It's well worth not taking everything you read on the internet at face value.



So if there’s an article praising the game you’d have no problem with credibility? But in this case an article exposing some of the ugly stuff behind the scenes which also answers everyone’s questions about what the developers were doing in 6-7 years they had, suddenly there’s a problem with credibility? I’m sorry but Anthem failed. Even you can’t deny that. To be fair, there are good elements like it’s gameplay, flight, and graphics. But factor in an unrewarding grind, repetitive mission design, the wasted potential, the state the game came out in, and the severe lack of content, the game failed. Why else have reviews been overwhelmingly negative from USERS? Why did over half the player base leave? 

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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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If you ignored this thread, why are you posting on it?


Oh, sorry... I forgot how important it is to make sure everyone knows what *you* are thinking... so much so that even though you thought it was obvious and that you *didn't* "desire" to explain the obvious reasons for the toxicity... you felt the need ("desire") to spell it out for everyone else... my mistake...


You may not have realized, but contradicting yourself so obviously tends to make your opinion irrelevant. 

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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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And here's your crown, King of Facetious...


I'll have you know that I ordered the digital version and received *NO PRETTY BOW* with my purchase! 

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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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Who is this "we" you're referring to?


Don't try to inflate your support base. Let everyone that agrees with you speak for themselves.


Are you afraid to say "I" because you feel your personal opinion doesn't carry enough weight alone? 


Also, it's not inconceivable to dial down performance reflected in a pre-launch demo for various reasons. I realize it's not the polished product at launch that everyone wanted or expected, but there are always limitations that prevent game developers from doing exactly what they wanted to with a game. The fact is that despite being substandard in comparison to the E3 demo, the actual released product is still impressive. 

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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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How can you say the title failed? The game hasn't even been out for 3 months yet... 


Currently, there aren't any major, game-breaking bugs that prevent enjoyment. There are issues, but they don't stop the overwhelming majority of players from playing. 


If people are complaining about content because they're bored of doing the same thing over and over, then they just need to have a little patience. The first major content update for most Game as a Service titles is usually closer to 6 months post-launch. We're not there yet. Calm down. Take a break. Check back later. 


The game isn't as polished as many people wanted or expected after watching the E3 demo, but it's still a great game. Does it need a lot of work to bring it to the degree of polish that we wanted at launch? Yes, but it doesn't feel impossible to me like you seem to believe...

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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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I say “we” because my personal experience is not representative of the whole community. But when the general community has the same issues that I’ve experienced, that’s when I say “we” because I try to refer to a general audience. You likely know what my opinion of Anthem already is given the nature of my previous comments. Furthermore, the game has not been very successful. I don’t have exact numbers but it did not meet EA’s expected sales. Sure, it can make a come back like Rainbow 6 Siege but the odds are not in the game’s favor. The reason I’m critical of games at release is because that’s when it gets the most attention. It’s a critical moment that’ll determine whether or not a game will sink or swim in most cases. Yes it’s been three months, but Anthem has already taken a massive loss of its player base and their plans for content updates have been delayed indefinitely. Does that look like a successful game to you? 

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Re: Why is there so much toxicity related to Anthem?

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Another thing, there’s next to no content. You expect me to stick around for six months doing the bare minimum content? No thanks. Back when Bungie released destiny 1 they released the first raid within the following week so don’t give me that as an excuse for a lack of content. Especially when BioWare has all the time in the world. In my opinion, nothing excuses a lack of content. Ever. We as gamers pay $60 at minimum for a complete package. Something that games as a service has not been doing well lately in my opinion.

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