Why is Gibraltar so op

by Jbridges1026

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Why is Gibraltar so op

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Gibraltar is too OP a character. His incoming damage is already reduced by 15%. On top of that he has a gun shield that takes a significant amount of his damage in a gunfight. (While you barely get headshot credit for trying to aim above it.) He has a dome shield that blocks attacks while allowing him to revive teammates and heal faster (both of which are part of lifelines passive) and has a mortar strike that strikes almost immediately upon dropping. This is honestly just too much. Meanwhile wraith gets nerfed (my bias addition to this discussion) but it goes to say the other legends are at a clear disadvantage. 

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Re: Why is Gibraltar so op

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@Jbridges1026It’s easy to think that when you 1v1 a gibby cqc and get floored after dropping entire mags into him , has happened to me too many times and leaves me thinking just how tf is he still alive?

But then take a step back when your not triggered and think about the fact that he’s huge so easier to hit , arm shield and dome make him visible from massive range and he’s way less mobile than the rest of the legends .
So you just gotta play around him really , don’t try 1v1 him at close range unless your confident you can aim for the head .

Main problem for me is when he tanks all your mags then his team rushes you , but again just gotta look at that as him playing his defensive role .

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Re: Why is Gibraltar so op

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@Jbridges1026 I'll trade his fortified in for a smaller frame/hitbox for Gibb anyday.
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Re: Why is Gibraltar so op

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@MassiveVernonMobility is no part in it. They all run the same speed..

He is OP right now. A friend and I were toying with it in the firing range. He is a better player than me by a long shot. The only way he could drop me when I played as Gibi was if he had a Kraber. Anything else and I dropped him every time and often still had most of my health.


If it was sniping, I’d just drop my dome shield and pop a battery before he could. Then down him. While he was popping his or if he got it off, I’d already be aimed and shooting. 

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Re: Why is Gibraltar so op

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@Jbridges1026 Lifeline and Wattson need buff.

For Wattson i think her fences need to recharge a little quicker, and do a bit mkre damage for a single fence; too many people are happy to walk through a single fence, and there aren't too many locations youcan make them unshootable.

This means you end up having to double-fence.

Maybe as a passive she could recharge shields a little faster.

I used to main lifeline but don't really know what I'd suggest to improve her.
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Re: Why is Gibraltar so op

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@DarthValtrex All characters move at the same speed but the Gibraltar play style is slower. To use his gun shield you basically have to stop moving so they rarely rush or hipfire.


That said... Yeah he needs to be tweaked. I don't think he should have Lifeline's support skills at all.


I don't know how to balance his gun shield since 75 might be too much but it's hard to listen to the opinions of people who foolishly run towards a 1v1 legend.

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Re: Why is Gibraltar so op

@Zamaha400 A lot of times you have too. If my squad mates are down and gibi is left, what are my options? You have to rush him.

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Re: Why is Gibraltar so op

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@DarthValtrex Depends on the situation. I normally poke at him from a distance since he has no skills to approach and absorbs so much damage if he drops his gun shield.


Can also force a point blank fight and spray/dance around him. I've never tried this method since I don't like fighting in a chaotic/messy way but it puts pressure on me when I used the big guy.


I remember a lifeline sliding into my gut and just disappearing. I don't know If his 1v1 ability is stronger than it should be so im not against a nerf but Gibraltar needs to be fought in a different way.


Never stop moving.

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Re: Why is Gibraltar so op

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@1ronKeys Yes totally they are not balanced well even Mirage and octane need a buff. I think lifeline should always have a golden backpack perk/passive what ever you wanna call it just makes more sense, she even carrys one on her back ffs haha
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Re: Why is Gibraltar so op

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@1ronKeysYep, I've been saying that Wattson needs a buff for a very long time. Reduce her fence down to 20 or 25 seconds from 30 seconds (Caustic used have 30 sec canisters until he was buffed to 25 seconds. He at 19 seconds with Gold Helmet. Wattson should also be at 25 second fences then and become 19 with golden helmet).

Fences damage are too weak and people will walk through them without a second thought of punishment. They do 9/10/11 damage which is nothing. They should be buffed to do 15 damage so the damage would become 13/15/16 which is better than the current 10 based damage.

Wattson's ult needs a slight UI update so it is easier to see the Inner and Outer Rings. That way people will hopefully stop complaining about their teammate wattson eating their nades/tactical/ult. Bangalore mains need remember that they cannot smoke the floor when working with a wattson though as those get eaten no matter what. Bangalore is just too used to smoke her own feet. As for the Inner and Outer Rings of Wattson's ult. They fade away for no real reason and are hard to see. Revenant's ultimate always shows his Ring so why doesn't Wattson's UI work like that? Just a small UI update will fix that issue.

Wattson's passive should regenerate 1 shield health every second she not taking any damage because her Pylon is always on her back. This means she will also regenerate 3 shield health per second when next to her ultimate 1 + 2 per second. She is already used in the pro scene to heal shields as Wraith pushes during her scouting. That Wraith player comes back and armor swaps telling their Wattson to heal their shield.

Lifeline needs buffs as well. Shield should cover her entire body for example. Care Package needs buffs. Drone needs bug fixes and gets destroyed in like 4 ticks inside a storm instead of 2. Drone needs a lower cooldown as 60 seconds is way too long for something that not even OP and hardly used in a team fight.

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