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Why do you play?

by DaboTheDuck

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Why do you play?

★★★ Apprentice

My answer: Fun.


As the title asks, why do you play Anthem?


I feel like my answer, "fun", would be a common and almost cop out answer, but I am curious if that is the case. The content may be lacking and the drops may be bad, but the amount of fun I have when I play Anthem makes me want to stay with the game. So I would like to pick the brains of some people.


Do you play because you genuinely enjoy the game/gameplay? 


Do you play because you love collecting imaginary loot to make your character stronger and it is about being the strongest?


Do you play in the hopes that one day the game is in a good state and you won't have to grind to be relevant?


Do you play to talk about the bugs and issues?


Do you play cus this is the game your social group plays?





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Re: Why do you play?

★★ Guide

it used to be because " fun "


but lately i have been asking myself the same question... Why do i play....

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Re: Why do you play?

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im just getting every javelin to legendary status with a build I enjoy and then im shelving this... I can't pretend that the missions are so fun that they are the real reason im here... lol.


ME:3 multiplayer kept me coming back, it just did something better... even once I had like everything unlocked with a stupid powerful blackwidow I would keep playing because the missions and multiplayer were fun unto themselves... it was really intense trying to finish gold missions with my friends

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Re: Why do you play?

★★ Guide

I am having fun and really enjoying the game, and waiting for more content.

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Re: Why do you play?

★★★★ Guide

Because I really like the combat and the flying. There's nothing else like it out there right now. I'm holding out for them to fix the loot to make it rewarding. Once they do that, I'll probably be back up to 3 or 4 hours a day. I complain about the game a lot but that's because I really do want it to turn around.

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Re: Why do you play?

I'll go for:


  • Fun.
  • I do genuinely enjoy the game/gameplay.
  • Building my character is good but I find the challenges more interesting still.
  • I like playing with real random people.
  • I enjoy the story and enjoy being out in the world.
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Re: Why do you play?

★ Apprentice
- Love mechas/exos
- Much pew pew and BOOOOM
- Like flyin' around in freeplay, wiping all life in sight and picking flowers and minerals
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Re: Why do you play?

★★★★ Novice
  • At me3 but mainly in Andromeda i learned to love this 15-30 min matches with interesting combat mechanics, 3rd party guns etc.
    • I found this also in anthem with some potential additions and unfortunately missing all kind of stuff which was already present in the other games
  • Trying to beat the same challange with different fun combinations / trying out builds.
  • Just letting off steam after work with all the above.
  • Unfortunately all this changes to why WOULD i play cause i find the low limit of vault space a showstopper for me right now so i wait/rarely play from now until its fixed and i won't salvage my items just to be able to play cause its contradictory to what i enjoy(stacking items to build possibilities to complete the same or ever difficult challange in a lot of unique ways)
  • I like the idea of randomly generated IRL player teams such as in andromeda too. This makes it fluid and easy to play with others without too much or very low toxicity.


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Re: Why do you play?


- flying

- friends

- fun


Although, the friends came first, then the flying part. As long as it's still fun to me I'll continue playing.


I like that I don't need to schedule 3-hour raids two or three times a week to see all of the content.

I can do SH quickplays during coffee breaks.

I still think the world is breathtakingly beautiful and the lighting is awesome.

The fights are fun and it's easy to adapt the difficulty to my mood.

When I have little time I can do dailies on easy if I want to. (I seldom want to, but I could.)


I like the story, even if it's too short. I mean, even if we had twice that much story, I'd have long since played it and would be waiting for more.

So I'm looking forward to more story and more lore.

In the meantime, I find/notice more details.

For instance what about children? There are no small children, babies, or pregnant women. It seems to me people stopped having children after the fall of Freemark. Why is that?

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