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Re: Who is starting to hate apex legends ?

by Koochi-Q

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Re: Who is starting to hate apex legends ?

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@King_loko1904 like others, hating the entirety of Apex is not really what's going on. The game is...decent, at best. No more no less. It's fun when it works, and most of the time it doesn't. 


Just a list of what I hate about Apex:

-Predatory monetization

-Obtuse, clunky, poorly thought out BP challenges

-Recent BP changes


-Hit-reg not working

-Audio not working

-Net-code / server stability not being as good as they should be

-Slow development

-No communication from the developers who then lament that there's no communication because "uwu Reddit is toxic" even though they've had near over 490 days since the Iron Crown "apology" to increase communications.

-Brain-dead "Respawn can do no wrong" followers who do nothing but tout praises and try to actively shut down and harass people who criticize the game

-Random recoil



There really just isn't much to enjoy about Apex on a day to day basis for me. S0 - S1 were great, every match was enjoyable, and even against high-skill youtubers (I shot at Shroud once and got promptly punished for it) a loss never felt like a loss, simply something to learn from. But now it's just the same frustrating patterns over and over again, and the developers just ignore most of the feedback that people put forward. Every time I open up this to do my dailies, it just feels like a chore, so I'm grateful that I hit level 100 on the BP today and am almost done. 

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Re: Who is starting to hate apex legends ?

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@pastaclown I'm at 99... I had 7 stars left and a bunch of challenges, but non that could be completed in 1 match so I said screw it, dailies tomorrow :P
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Re: Who is starting to hate apex legends ?

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I mean, yeah, I wasn't going to go into some lengthy essay about it, but since you did:

You pretty much hit the nail on the head for me, as well. I feel much the same as you do right now.

Honestly, I also can't wait to just get this BP done and take a bloody break. As for what I'll do when S8 rolls around, I guess I'll just have to see how it goes. I will say though, if the BP system stays like this, I don't foresee playing much or buying the pass. But, guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Here's hoping (the start of) S8 will be better than this one. Cheers, and all that, mate.

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Re: Who is starting to hate apex legends ?

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@JonStriker126 this season battle pass is worst, good thing I didn’t get it
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