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Re: White Wall Tires Pls!

by Paschos99

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White Wall Tires Pls!

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Dear Ghost Games,


I'd really like to be able to apply white wall tires to just about any car and with the addition of metal flake paint (thank goodness), I'm one step closer to making my lowrider fantasies come true [to an extent]. Seeing as how there are mods for this on pc and The Crew 2 has some wild tires available for many vehicles, it seems to me that this wouldn't be difficult to do in any capacity. So I ask that you please add them in and let me and whomever else likes to do these kinds of things come up with some fancy a** cars.



Kind of, but not really anonymous player.


P.S. Maybe some smoothie wheels as well? 

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Re: White Wall Tires Pls!

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This would be sick! Specially along with some American Racing wheels like the Torq Thrust (which I don´t think the game has).

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Re: White Wall Tires Pls!

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I think that white wall tires will be added in NFS Heat, since they are addeed in NFS Heat Studio! Your wish is coming true!

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Re: White Wall Tires Pls!

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If they don't, it is really easy to add white wall tires in a mod. I have done it for payback and NFS 2015.

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Re: White Wall Tires Pls!

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@Paschos99 Are you sure? I looked at all the tires in the app, but didn't see any white wall tires.
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Re: White Wall Tires Pls!

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@anti-loser1 True, but it's too bad I'm a console player. :/
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Re: White Wall Tires Pls!

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@jessie7839 As I understood, you can use them in some cars and not in every car. For example, you can have them on Pontiac Firebird. Also, there are two types of white wall tires. The ones with the small narrow white wall and the other one with the wider white wall!
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