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Where’s the skill in this game?

by SethCurry

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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This game stopped being a skill game when they decided that Gibby should automatically win from everyone else, even when they are terrible.


And that got even worse when they decided to nerf the r99 so that now the highest DPS weapons in the game also have very large magazines (Havoc and Prowler).


Ironically, all the balance changes that hordes of casual players wanted have fundamentally upset the balance this game used to have.

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

This is completely untrue. And all the pros are still picking R99 over hmm, how about anything? R99 still rocks. And this is call a change to the meta. Prowler is great, Havoc is great, but they also have weak spots, just like R99.

Respawn balancing this game perfectly. The only complain we could have towards that is they are bit slow with the balancing.


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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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@DarthValtrex wrote:
@1ronKeysI have this happen but it's rare. I can typically find something decent. If you're getting stuck with a moz/P2020 on drop. Then you're either 1 dropping late/early. or 2. dropping to poor locations. You don't have to drop Frag to get decent starting loot. You can drop Lava City, Sky Hook or other areas with less traffic.

Nah I drop really well. If I'm the one pressing jump I'll land at my location before anyone else. Even if that's a split second before. Including train drops.


The drop is quite an easy mechanic to "master" I'm still surprised so many people struggle with it.


I've landed in plenty purple zones and opened bin after bin or building of pure crap. 


Occasionally will get some luck.



But I'm talking about purple tier locations where I'm the first person looting the bin/building.


Had it once 5 games in a row just mozambiques arc stars n whatever. No real end/mid game weapons or such.

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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@AOD_Rct_lordlosh What do you consider the weakspot on the Prowler? The fact you need to find a hop? Or ?
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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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@MandatoryIDtag I think the loadout drops in Warzone are *good*

I was new to the game and leveling my weapons to get em how i like and trying to get to the loadout drops safely has been fun - i think it adds a mini game to the game. And simultaneously encourages/discourages camping.

I personally don't think loadout drops would suit Apex, tho, because the weapons are all quite simple and there are minimal customisation.

As much as i hate only seeing mozambiques and RE-45s and arc stars. I largely like the way Apex is. And think the limited time events add a little flavour to the mix to change the rhythm and playstyle for a bit.
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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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Exactly. You may find it, or you may not. So many games where i just found one of them. Prowler is not the most common weapon, you know? Its also the spawn rate.

R99 is more common.

And a lot of games i find just 1 of them.

Thats a choice to make.

I don`t see a reason why just 1 weapon just be bis for the entire span of the game. What they did is a good for the game.


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