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Where’s the skill in this game?

by SethCurry

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

@SethCurry I like the luck aspect to it. It takes serious skill to down someone who has purple armor and a decent gun, when all you have is white armor, P2020 no hop up/mag or a triple take/longbow in CQC.

There is a degree of skill involved with knowing how to rotate the map when you don't have a great load out.
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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

Cant comment on Warzone to be fair, played that game for less than a day. So many spots and so many camping guys, its not my type of game for sure. Also it feels so slow and the whole skill set is about the aim, nothing in compare to Apex Legends where you need so much more skill to be actually good.

Apex Legends movement, strafing, jumping, sliding and so on, are unmatched and this will always keep me in this game and this is what it makes her so unique.

The game have that perfect spot to give you in terms of skill of movement, aim, looting, position and so on. The balance between movement skill and aiming skill is perfect. Neither are overpowered.

In same other titles, the movement is just sh*** and its kinda all the aim at the top levels, in Apex this is not the case and thats why i love it so much.

There is no other game where you actually need to work so much on your strafe and overall movement ability to actually dodge a lot of bullets.

The different in this department between a average player to PRO player is just insane and this is what i like so much about this game.


There is a people that just cant get good at the movement and have bad aim and they prefer games like Warzone, where you don`t have that type of movements and its a lot easier to kill someone. In Apex you actually need a complete set of skills to be at high level.

There was even a threads here from people who was obviously a bad aimers and they wanted Respawn to nerf the strafing .... What a joke.



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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

@1ronKeys I have this happen but it's rare. I can typically find something decent. If you're getting stuck with a moz/P2020 on drop. Then you're either 1 dropping late/early. or 2. dropping to poor locations. You don't have to drop Frag to get decent starting loot. You can drop Lava City, Sky Hook or other areas with less traffic.
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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

I think in terms of the items, the game is in perfect place and shouldn`t be touched, because you can make a lot of players mad. This game has million of playerbase, and 99% of them are just playing, not wasting time on the forum. They maybe happy with the way how the game is it. And if they change a whole base system, this could f***** this playerbase by a lot.

Its a BR after all, the game is like that from the beginning. If someone not like the system there is other title out there go play it.

I already said it that i got no problem where you drop with a white armor or 1 bar armor, but i`m totally against landing with a gun. Don`t get me wrong, everyone get in the situation where you and the enemy are opening bins and he get a weapon and you get a s**** and you are kinda fuc*****. I died in this situation, but i also killed opponents with melee in this situation, and then its enjoyable a**. So it has its charm.

Right now its equal for everyone. Sometime the luck won`t be in your favor, but the next time it will be like that for your opponent.


Tho dropping with white armor or 1 bar armor may have be a good choice. Tho the only problem i see with that is after that people will start crying for dropping with no weapon and will want that too.


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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?


I would think that the removal of white armour from the loot pool would theoretically increase space for basically everything else, weapons included. This really could be a two birds one stone solution. Tongue out

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

@MandatoryIDtag You have no idea how much I value that white armor early game especially when you bump into an enemy with a gold P2020... Gold P2020 vs no armor is a whole lot nope from me.

Nothing scarier then your teammate running towards the sounds of hammer points when neither of you have armor.
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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?


@DarthValtrex  Yeah, but if you're already wearing it when you drop that won't be an issue lol. Tongue out

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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Anyone who has played the game for any length of time, should feel comfortable to understand what each weapon does, with and without mods and the ammo, and how they kill, and then how that weapon someone found, how it will stack up against someone who has a more powerful weapon you have to kill.

Let me give an example, you find only an Alternator, with a LVL1 barrel mod, magazine and that is all with a 1x scope, and someone finds a Prowler with a LVL1 mag, 1x scope, and a Select Fire Receiver, and you both are in the same level of armor.

You are either going to have be lucky or more skilled to take down an equally skilled player against that Prowler, in a close quarter combat situation.

So yes, people die all the time because they don't have good loot, also not even ammo to fight, I see it all the time, every day, since Season 1.

The truth, I see people die all the time, that don't know what it takes to fight, because they aren't properly equipped...

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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I have wrecked people in purple with only white armor. Skill is there if you got it. If not you complain someone got purple and you got white and you died. Luck has nothing to do with it. I have spawned many times on white and someone has gold or blue or purple. While I have nothing at all and still manage to kill at least 1 and thirst for their armor. You ask where is the skill I ask why is your skill lacking.

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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If you wrecked LVL3 armor, with LVL1, the Armor is not the point, the Weapon and using it effective is the point.


There is a lot of luck to this game, also being in the right place at the right time, and I'm never denying there isn't skill involved.


I guess the simplest way for me to explain, this would have more to do with just as a person has dropped and started looting, what they find, vs someone else, to stay alive against, that's pretty much it...


Mid way and later in the game, that's another story, yes more where skill comes in, but on drops/hot drops, a lot of people getting lucky, simply because someone doesn't have good loot.


And of course we are talking about;

1. Same skill level of players
2. Different skill levels

So either way, matching off against someone in LVL3 Armor vs LVL1, and the LVL3 person has a better weapon, with same skill level or less, it's a challenge either way.

Of course the game is luck, not sure how you could say it's not, and I don't mean 100% luck all the time, just in given situations, more like a Hot drop, where you find no loot, only an RE-45 let's say as example and LVL1 Armor, and then you run up against someone in LVL3 Armor with a PK and Havoc, if this person can't kill you, then well, what can we say...


P.S. I never said; 'Where is the Skill', I'm not the OP of the post, I just replied with some comments...

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