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Where’s the skill in this game?

by SethCurry

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

How about no to the OP suggestion? Removing core elements or completely changed is wrong on all direction. If you don`t like Apex item system, just move away. Go play Warzone if you like it so much.

What should be next suggestion if they remove the armors? Remove the weapons and instead let us buy weapon when we drop, and this game is not going to have identity. Turn into CS:GO or Warzone ?


What i like so much at Apex Legends is the RPG element at it with the items. RNG is always involved, but its well balanced. Yeah sometimes is annoying, but if it bother you so much, just move away.



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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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@MandatoryIDtag Players do hate RNG but thats to be expected in a Battle Royal as other posters have explained. There's also nothing stopping players from dropping on top of you even if you have a gun. They'll just land behind you and shoot you before you know they're there. Not RNG but same result and equally cheap death.

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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So... lemme be make sure im understanding this...


Your legitimately complaining about the very nature and concept of a battle royale game... land, LOOT, scavange, be the last to survive. Its always been about luck, i dont consider warzone to be a "true" BR game because of loadout boxes etc, not knocking it, but as someone who came from PUBG, its always been about what you can find, and to be fair pubg always had different level bulletproof vests, kinda like armour..


Dont like the game... try LTMs that MATCH your exact complaint... dont try to change the core game...

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?


@Jem450R  I get where you're coming from completely, PUBG was my first BR.


The problem with Apex compared to PUBG is the amount of weapons you would find lying around. As the zones were generally much bigger, even in sanhok if you landed with another squad the odds of you picking up a decent weapon were generally quite high still.


Apex has a significantly higher pace of play and smaller maps, which is why i personally think this LTM would be good as a staple addition to the game on a permanent basis. It won't make the game any easier as we would all be in the same scenario, but at least you've got a bit more of a fighting chance when you hit the ground.

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

Just no. If you don`t like Apex Legends core mechanics, just move on.

Sorry but the suggestion to drop with just 1 kind of armor and its stay the same till end its just very bad and will make a lot of players including me to just quit the game. The feeling to open a bin or enter a house and find Purple and Gold armor and the excitement when you found it all will be gone. And also zero feeling to climbing the ladder with the tiers armor.

Landing with a armor and a gun is not okay for this game. Let Apex Legends be different.
But let me explain how stupid is to land with armor + pistol, even p2020. So your landing and you won`t know what to do, to loot or to attack the others. I decide to loot, but the guy dropped next to me in the nothing will shoot, because he come with a pistol from the dropship.

I`m definitely not okay with it.

Armor and weapons are quite common, so 90% of the time you will find in the first bin on a hot spot.




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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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@AOD_Rct_lordlosh  Armour staying the same all match will just be the gimmicky part of the LTM. 


That would never be a good idea, the TTK with most weapons on Apex is way too high to validate that kind of move, and would lead to a pretty crappy experience all around.


We're talking about the idea of simply dropping with for the sake of arguement let's say a level 1 bodyshield.

Higher level bodyshields would still be in loot pool and everything would behave as normal.


As for the "armour and weapons are quite common" statement,i've literally lost count of the amount of times i've landed in area where theres been nothing but attachments and heals, maybe a p2020 if i'm lucky.

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

You get to understand that this happen to everyone, but the % for this is very low, so thats why its not a problem.

Dropping with white armor and no weapon could be a debatable for a better experience, but then people will start cry to drop with a weapons as well, and in the end we will end up like CS:GO, where you just buy what you want ....

While i have no problem dropping with 1 bar armor or with a white one with 2 bars and then climbing the ladder with the rest of the armors, aka EVO, Blue, Purple, Gold etc, as of now we are dropping with 100 hp, we are not dropping with a 1 hp, which will result 1 hit - death.

I know about the LTM event and they probably wanna see how that will pay off and what is the general feeling.

Maybe the only reasonable thing could be dropping with 1 bar of armor or with a white armor with 2 bars. But as i said this is a core mechanics and if stay the same i will still be happy.

But i`m all against dropping with a weapon, even if its p2020.


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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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@AOD_Rct_lordlosh  I do get where you're coming from with these concerns. However i don't think we would have to worry about load out drops in apex, it's a bad direction for any staple BR mode, not so bad for an LTM.


Warzone tried it with the loadout drop crates and lets be honest's a crap format. It removes any balance especially since you can't pick up attachments on that game. They only did it because they have a majority player base of arcade FPS players,so they had to make the BR format digestible  for that kind of player base.


We're probably never going to see eye to eye on this topic and can argue both sides of it days lmao, so let's just agree to disagree on this one? Tongue out

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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@SethCurryYeah should land with a 2020 or mozm. But really even then it's just about what team keeps the tightest formation and is able to focus down opponent one at a time. This really is more of a game for fun, not competitive or skill. But let's face it, most people like BR because it's random, witch lets you win about a third of the time even at low skill.

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Re: Where’s the skill in this game?

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@AOD_Rct_lordlosh Also what about only having that Evo armor or something like it. Only upgrades when you win fights.
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