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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

by Alvanian

Original Post

Where is the Cataclysm?

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Shouldnt it be released in may? Wtf? Anyone know why they havnt said a new release date? 

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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

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There was a vague reference to the start of july... so possibly around christmas then :P

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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

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If I remember they stated they would release when it's 'ready' instead of putting out another date in case they have to run past that date to be sure it's working well enough to put in game. Best bet is to look at ANY release dates as projected and not carved in stone, from any publisher.


Things happen in process that require moving dates back and the gaming community tends to be narrow minded when it comes to any set backs. They seem to lose their minds if something goes beyond a release date and cry foul/stamp their feet instead of allowing for the setbacks that almost always occur when producing new content. Personally I prefer to allow game dev's extra time to get things at least up to speed enough to work well enough to be brought live, instead of screaming for them to release half baked trash. Just IMO

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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

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@gortessoth are you talking about a professional gaming company? Or my highschool robotics class.

I had deadlines to meet in highschool robotics. If i didnt meet them i failed. If it didnt work i failed. If we failed to get the robot to comp in time I failed.

I passed.
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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

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Sorry I posted my opinion, I'll refrain. Have a nice life.

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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

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@gortessoth Oh dont be like that.
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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

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@gortessoth So, I work in a restaurant as a waiter.
You come to eat where I work, and I ask you to pay in advance for your food that you chooses looking at some pictures with the description on them.

After a resounable amount of time, you start to get the food that you ordered with some small differences.

Some is spicy, some is missing salt, other is cold and some are not even like in the picture you saw on the menu, but with some differences.

After that the waiter will come to your table and will tell you to come in 3 months because the mushrooms that you ordered from the menu aren't yet ready, not the right season.

But don't worry sir, you already paid for that, do you'll get them when they are ready, and please, be aware that they could be different from the one that you saw on the menu.

Thank you and see you in 3 months.

I'm curious, I would like to see your reaction if something bloke that would happen to you.

You seems to forget that you (US) paid for a product that it isn't how it was show "on the menu", but thank you for your money, my money, (and your/our patience).
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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

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Oh haven’t you heard? The roadmap was essentially a lie. That’s been deleted and replaced with an empty shell. Now we have no way of telling what kind of content we’ll get in the future with no idea when to expect it 😁👍

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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

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Like I said sorry for my post, you'll not hear from me again so you may as well drop it.

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Re: Where is the Cataclysm?

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Bugs are still being fixed on PTS, also they are making some changes due to player feedback. If I had to guess when it might go to live I would say End of July or first part of August,at the earliest, but that would depend on how many bugs are found and how long they take to fix.

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