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Re: Where has everyone gone?

by LegendaryIII

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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@ECKHART974 wrote:
I had about 10-15 xbox friends playing, NONE are now playing anymore because there are more bugs than there is end game content... the game itself is the issue and other games like The Division 2 are the solutions.

Being a 776 Colossus, I want to play GM3 on Legendary Contracts / Missions / Strongholds but Bioware / EA has gone nowhere fast and lost too many players now and whilst some people who “don’t work for Bioware / EA” might try to say otherwise, we are the ones having to solo expeditions or quit.

Interesting since I run lots of GM3 and only time I have trouble finding a group is when it is past midnight US PST. Otherwise doesn't take to long, maybe 15 seconds

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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London GMT here, the UK / Europe crowd is smaller so maybe it is impacted more by the drop in players, that would make sense.

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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@Sartori1d wrote:

We're all still here.

It's just that nobody really likes playing with you. So most of us just avoid you now. 

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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I have quit for the time being and gone back to Warframe. Really, I should have never left Warframe to begin with at this point. 

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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@Sartori1d wrote:

As of late it seems more and more difficult to go in to a mission and actually have one or two other players in mission with me.  I am currently trying to complete Mathias line to craft my shield.  I went in to one mission, and had one other player, and we made it, but then when I hit the "triple Threat"  I was al by myself, so I left and restarted, again all by myself, so I did it solo.  However the next mission is the one where I have to fight 3 titans, so more people would be helpful.  I guess I might have to solo it in easy if things keep going this way.

I fear that in a month or so people will only have the option to solo the game as if the trend continues the place will be deserted...... Sad.....

The problem is, most people playing have finished the main quest.  It certainly sounds like sales of Anthem dropoed off after release.  I'm sure the 55 metacritic score didn't help.

Just muddle through the questline, even if on easy.  The story will still be the same, and the loot won't matter.

Javelins could be a dying breed.  I'm having a tough time finding any reason to log in now too.

I like Anthem, but...with over 300 hours played...

Sekiro might be in my very near future...

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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Tyrant Mine Stronghold is the only thing I ALWAYS have 3 other teammates for. Everything else no matter the difficulty I'm either by myself, or people join in later.


People have both stopped playing Anthem in general, and those that still play have moved onto farming for MWs and Legos. No one is playing the storyline anymore.

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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I tried earlier to do the Freelancer down and had no one.   So I quit and tried an hour latter and had 2 others!!!!  Thanks to those, managed to finish the quest!!!

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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There's very little to do and getting loot feels cheap and unrewarding, and takes too long. Nevermind the bugs and long and frequent loading screens.

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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Must have moved on to greener pastures. I don’t blame them. I’m playing different games as well. It’s what inevitably happens when you release a game in * poor condition and no content no matter how good the gameplay might be

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Re: Where has everyone gone?

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@Z0mbieBabyJesus wrote:

I wouldn't say td2 killed it. Some may have switched to it though. I bought td2, and I just can't get into it.  Just a constant duck and cover, shoot, dodge grenade, repeat. Boring game play for me.


On xbox, I don't have any issues having full games with randoms.  On pc  I can't get more than one player in my game doing the story missions , but that's on hard difficultly and low level.  It's more indicative of not a lot of new players joining  than it is of a declining player base overall.


Just my own anecdotal experiences  

So much this, i bought it too, but the gameplay in anthem is way faster, flying around, dodging having a blast instead of sitting behind some bookshelf trying not to get shot.!!!

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