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Where are all the players ?


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Re: Where are all the players ?

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Luckily I have Metro Exodus to turn to when ever i get peed off with Anthem (which is getting more and more regular). I only hope the devs pull their collective fingers out and fix the damned game.

I'm afraid that after all this time patience is wearing thin and I suspect this is why the player count could be down?

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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honestly pop has dropped. to many bugs and not enough support from EA. So players are getting pissed. Add that onto absolutely repetitive gameplay which leads to boredom and you have a sinking ship. GL to you all. :D hope you guys didn't all waste money like I did.

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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To the topic of the thread:


My experience:


Played Anthem since its start. Joined a community of people playing anthem. Community rapidly filled to apprx. thirty people.


Now apprx. 6 weeks later, only a couple are still active, no one joining new. And even the active guys, like myself, started to play some different game parallel.


My observation:


The forum for recruiting (german language) is almost deserted. You can literally see the tumbleweeds rolling there.


=> What ever the marketing guys of EA are saying (they have to publish positive messages anyway), I have the impression Anthem reaches a critical point.

Almost no new players, old Players have left. If EA/Bioware does not quickly live up to its promises, then I think Anthem will be history. 

The longer Players are inactive and have left, the less the chances that they rejoin if some expansions are delivered.

No players equals no income, no income equals no Anthem in the future.


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Re: Where are all the players ?

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player count usually dropped but i might tried play the game on the weekend.

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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I've played from the very beginning too and there is a huge amount about the game I really like. 


One positive is that all the friends I've made via the alliance thread are all still playing and given time the game will improve. Hints were made via twitter that there's no dev stream due to everyone working on a: the recent patch and b: 'a big update coming this April.


Fingers crossed!




Are the servers up yet?

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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Hey guys. Thanks for all the replies. I to have been playing from release. This game has so much potential to be great. I also got the division 2 which I've just started playing but keep coming back to Anthem. If the loot was not so bad I would continue to play.


But I've reached the stage now where I'm spending hours playing and getting nothing for my efforts. It really does make you feel like giving up on the game with the rest of the players that have left. Spent a few hours yesterday afternoon and was still getting into contract missions by myself.


None of my other friends are playing anymore. Most of the say they will come back when the sort the game out. They are all playing the division 2. So tempted to just bite the bullet and join them.

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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If you guys are still looking for people to play with, we have a small community of people who are still playing. We were with 60+, but now about 20 people, where the rest are waiting for the next upgrade patch introducing the extra stronghold and guild system (amongst other things).


Leave me a pm if interested. We are mature players, non toxic, international with people from all over the world including America and Europe regions.

We did notice that alot of people have gone to other games, complaining all the way. We just except that the game has it's flaws, yet keep playing together cause it's more fun in a group (using discord voice chat) than it is playing alone.

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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I notice more and more aswell that there are fewer players. Several times the instance will not load because there are nobody to play with. In some cases I load in into a empty instance and is supposed to handle a GM2-GM3 solo.


They have one shot to save this game, I hope they take it.

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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Yeah GM3 solo can take ages to do solo..


My friend assures me that they, Bioware, turned a buggy Andromeda around and so should do with Anthem. 


I know the dev's have tweeted about a big update coming this month (April) and is supposed to contain new content. 


It would be truly awesome if they can sort the issues out and Anthem, according to the original hype, is supposed to be getting updates for years to come. I really hope so!

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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if there would be more content those issues won't be a problem. Ex anthem player now on the division 2. That game has issues too, but having so much to do, you can do other stuff while you wait they fix the bugged one.

So should do anthem. Add more stuff to do, new stuff, not recycled difficulties of the same *. People are just waiting new content to come back, and it seems ea-bioware fail to understand it. It's good they are trying to fix the loot system, but this game is empty, this is the sad truth.

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