When can I pre load on PC?


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Re: downlod fifa 22

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my friend we pre order it so it has to be available to download as they show on origin and EA app


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Re: downlod fifa 22

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@Abdul199 THE GAME ISN'T OUT!!!!!!!!
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Re: EA play Problems?

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@T8M1D I have the same problem
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Re: I pre ordered fifa 22 but it says i can not download tomorow

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Are you sure? Is it like this on yours too?

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Re: Fifa 22 EA Play pro Download

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so much for 6pm uk time release, ive been on the phone with 8 different EA Help consultants in the past 4 hours all telling me different things about the release, however they all say they have no clue what time the actual release of the 10 hour trial is and have reffered me here. How can a multi billionane dollar company operate and not have a set release time for one of if not there best selling game what a joke as usual EA.

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Re: EA play Problems?

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@sondro04 I think I get it now the early access is just a 10hrs or 20hrs access to the full game for a limited time till due date which is 25, this’s my first time buying the game with ea play so I’m kinda new to the early access thing, by tomorrow we should get the game for about 10hrs or 20hrs
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Re: Fifa 22 EA Play pro Download

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@kakashiwolfy Sweet thanks a lot
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Re: EA play Problems?

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@kakashiwolfy Thanks again, but will I be able to upload content of the game?, since it hasn’t been officially released yet, cause I don’t wanna get banned
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Re: When can I pre load on PC?

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I have PlayPro membership aswell, but I can only chose pre-order on Fifa 22 but no preload, shouldnt preload be out 24 hours before the game is out? That was the case with previous fifas if im not completely off.

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download fifa 22 ea play

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i did a live chat with ea help and they told me it should be able to download tomorrow september 22 6pm uk time

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