When can I pre load on PC?


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Hi, I have preordered fifa 22 ultimate edition about a week ago, and yesterday I bought a EA play subscription for a month so I could get the early access into FIFA 22, I understand that the early access hasn’t even started yet, but mine still says that I need to wait 5 days for the official release of ultimate edition. Just wondering if this will change tonight once the Early Access is released.

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Fifa 22 EA Play pro Download

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Hello guys , does anyone knows when is fifa exactly coming to ea play pro ? 

and when can i start pre loading it (Downloading it ) 

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EA Play Pro preload

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why i cant preload fifa 22 in origin w eaplay pro and when i can download the game

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Re: Fifa 22 EA Play pro Download

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In approximately 10 hours i guess. 

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Re: At what time exactly

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I think I read somewhere it was 6 pm UK. Can't find the source again sadly. @Yoghurt1897 

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Re: EA play Problems?

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@T8M1D  You will be able to download it in a few hours. 

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preload error fifa 22

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I am not able to preload FIFA 22, when I press to preload the game in Origin this photo shows up, and I tried to restart my PC and try again and didn't work, and I tried to restart my router and it doesn't work, I hope u find a solution for this error.

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Re: EA Play Pro preload

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Same here... EA Play Pro.... no preload (yet) and tomorrow (the 22 of September) is getting real close... so whatsup?



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Re: Fifa 22

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@Enes42Yildiz , The account in which you want to play in needs to have EA PLAY.

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Re: EA Play Pro preload

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