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Re: Whats with the Quit Penalty?

by PeYeRaTe13

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Whats with the Quit Penalty?

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Whats with the Quit Penalty?

Some players Don't even take the time to respawn you  and if they pick up your banner your stuck watching a match you cant play or you quit and get put in a 5 year old time out. This penalty is ridiculous and a waste of  my short precious life... Keep making rules like this and this is just going to be another FortNite game. Hopefully Call or Duty can rise up after their Blackout mistake and knock down Apex and Fortnite together. 

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Re: Whats with the Quit Penalty?

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Quit Penalty?

There isn't even one, or? If they make one that would be the most stupid thing they have done until now...
Yes its true that some people leav, its true that I do try to res them (still I don't know why I do Standard smile ) but yeah I don't wanna be stuck in a game watching a braindead Pathfinder running away after he is the last man standing (that's what they most of the times do, to camp a roof until the end of the game).
Nope ty we don't need it, I did stop resurrecting people who die out of stupidity. (does can feel free to leav the game without a penalty)

Since that ranked thing, I am telling them so many times reposition, lets reset the fight, or run we are getting pinched there is all ways a guy who wants to trade one more time who dies. (especially when I was at bronze silver or gold games, I must say the bronze and silver guys do even respect what u are telling them and do it they actually do respect ur stats but the higher ranks do not even if u do have better stats)

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Re: Whats with the Quit Penalty?

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I got a penalty yesterday, i had to sit and stare at the screen for 5 mins because it was a 5 minute penalty until i could play another match, it was a ranked game but i quit before in the ranked match and nothing happened until yesterday. I'm only on level 100, Gold IV in the Ranked Games because i don't play a lot but still sometimes teammates dont revive or they only revive and not respawn. Personally i think respawn is stupid they should only have the Revive. I'm thinking to just go back to Call of Duty WWII and be done with Apex Legends atleast for a little while.

I mainly only quit at the very beginning anyways out of Rage but if we're having a good game with some kills and i get dropped i'll wait to see if they respawn me so we can get the V, but the games getting annoying anyways (especially caustic i cant stand him as a teammate or enemy). so imma probably just start playing COD WWII again.

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Re: Whats with the Quit Penalty?

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Still there is no need for a quit penalty, I remember playing madden for Xbox 360 back in the day and destroying people with the Patriots. They would always quit by halftime or whenever and stopped me from racking up my stats and you know what there penalty was a LOSS that's it.. that's the way it should be.... for this you quit you get a Loss period you lose ranked points and thats it. not a Time Out.. And if other players dont like it tell them to get Real Friends that wont quit on them. We are not 5 years old theres no need for time outs in video games...

PS. Apex Legends is just COD Black ops 3 and FortNite combined...

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Re: Whats with the Quit Penalty?

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@PeYeRaTe13If u don't want a quit penalty just don't play ranked buddy. Simple like that. You can quit wherever you want in the normal mode =)

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Re: Whats with the Quit Penalty?

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I'm probably done with this stupid game and the cry babies that wandered out of Fortnite to play it, But your saying they dont have the quit penalty in the original mode? anyways if they don't have it yet I'm sure they'll be adding it soon. I'm just hopeing the new COD game has a multiplayer that isn't a battle royale because the trailer i watched for it a little while ago looked like only a campaign game.

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Re: Whats with the Quit Penalty?

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@PeYeRaTe13 hm... new feedback: respawn time limit.

after take you banner, you team have 1 or 2 mins for respawn you.

if the time up they can't revive you.
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Re: Whats with the Quit Penalty?

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still stupid, the game has a quit option you should be able to use it and not get put on time out. And i think it gets worse the more times you do it. I dont care about the stupid game anyways soon it'll be just as stupid as Fortnite... Ill just play Doom campaign or COD WWII Multiplayer.. Apex is whack now, Kings Canyon aint no King its a Dweeb Collector!

Have fun with the Apex Dweebs..., Dweebs


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