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Re: Whats the point of the tutorial when its so restricted?

by Csibi19

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Whats the point of the tutorial when its so restricted?

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I mean i'd gladly practice my hook jumps without other players interrupting me, but i cant because im restricted to a single legend.

And i dont see a problem jumping around in the tutorial map with other legends either, if thats what you are looking for. Besides you can even test their skills alone aswell without anyone bothering you in-game.


The turorial dont even talk about the balloons. It doesn't talk about attachments. Not even the little robots scattered around the map, all they know is "oh this is the thing that gives you lootboxes"....great

They dont know what is the blue circle on the map when you begin a match.

They dont know how to drop stuff.



Come on if you were able to cut off a whole chunk from the actual map, then you are able to open it up fully for freeroaming aswell.

With this the new players are at least able to walk around the map, learn it, know whats what, know where to go.


Its not good to restrict new players with a small map, and leaving out some important tips from the tutorial is unacceptable.


Thats why there are so many noobs in the game, and i completely agree with the topics whining about this stuff.

People talk about leaving the game until solo is added, people raging about noobs pulling them down only because the game REFUSES to teach them how to play properly.

They are TIRED of bad players in their teams. They want to win, they dont want to babysit them everytime, its not fun and they pull you down drastically.


There are a lot of times when i find myself with under lvl10's with 5-10kills getting jumpmaster, trying to jump where literally everyone jumps to, and after a couple of minutes you find yourself killing a whole squad ALONE, you have no health no shields after the fight, both of your teammates are finished or disconnected. Because they dont know what they signed up for????

There are teammates looting a house for 2minutes, and under those 2minutes i already went trough like 10houses.....and he's STILL IN THERE LOOTING, because they dont know whats what, they are SLOWLY inspecting every freakin item.

I've seen a guy running around with bloodhound popping his Q non-stop in the middle of the road, because he dont even know the range of the ability, or what it does.

Or a pathfinder looking at a tower not knowing what to do with it.


And theese are just a couple of my examples, no wonder more experienced players are getting pissed off because their teammates are literally TRASH, they do pull you down and anyone telling you otherwise just lies.


Trying to expand the tutorial a little bit maybe (just maybe) helps noobs to be more decent at the game, maybe stops them from acting like a complete idiot like they always do.


And im not over exaggerating, its actually HELL to play with randoms at the moment.

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Re: Whats the point of the tutorial when its so restricted?

Community Manager

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with the community @Csibi19.


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Re: Whats the point of the tutorial when its so restricted?

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No, i thank you.....its nice to know that our feedbacks actually matter.

Sorry if i was little harsh here and there but i just felt that i have to get this off my chest.


I just thought this little idea would be beneficial to the newcomers, because theese kind of players are so lost at the moment if you know what i mean.

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Re: Whats the point of the tutorial when its so restricted?

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For the most part, it seems the tutorial is purely to learn the basic controls, and that's it.

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Re: Whats the point of the tutorial when its so restricted?

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That basically sums up the problem with the tutorial, a lot of times basic controls are not enough while they try to learn the "other important" stuff in the heat of battle.

Thats not good for them, not good for the team.


Basically they join into a game with a huge disadvantage.

The only way they will learn is dying, a lot of dying.

Thats not fun for anyone.


And if that specific player is a "first impressions" kinda guy, then he/she will start to hate the game pretty quickly.

Having more knowledge for a headstart and not only basic controls can save your life in fights.


Plus your teammates won't flame you (that mutch).....

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Re: Whats the point of the tutorial when its so restricted?

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Yup, tried to get a friend to play. He did like 1 or 2 rounds alone then immediately deinstalled because he was completely overwhelmed.

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Re: Whats the point of the tutorial when its so restricted?

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Well yeah i dont blame him.
Sometimes i question myself after playing 20matches with the most incompetent teammates.
"Why TF am i still playing?"
The amount of noob teammates you get is just pain and suffering.


Of course people are nonstop begging for Solo mode when their braincells are literally dying off because of their stupid teammates.

I've got to a point where i stopped caring. When you are downed, you expect their help but he starts to dump TWO FULL MAGS into you with an RE-45 after realising he cant kill you because we are on the same freakin team?


And its not that they cant AIM its that they DONT KNOW WHAT TF THEY ARE DOING. They are trash just like the tutorial.

Its like you send a soldier into a war without any sort of training.
He mind aswell shoot himself in the head, because thats what im always doing when i kill 2 full squads alone leaving with 1hp, watching my teammates life bar drop when he struggles to fight EVEN ONE ENEMY ALONE, then he literally runs to me bringing the whole enemy squad when i try to heal.


I mean if they are not good even as meatshields.....what are they good for?

Yeah okay i help out a fellow teammate when i see he literally started the game.

I will give him some tips thinking he probably knows the basic stuff already.....but when he starts to ask about healing, sliding, meele, loot, revive, what are theese attachments, what are theese balloons etc....etc.....then im out

What you want me to teach you how to have common sense to play FPS games properly too? Nah, next match....


And combine this with nonstop crashing, im one of those poor souls who got left in the dust with this major crashing problem.....still waiting for a solid patch.

Plus i see that the forum is filled with cheater problem topics......sheeesh
With the amount of problems they have right now, i dont think im going to get that patch any time soon.....

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