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Re: What would make Anthem awesome for you?

by Spiritual-Zombie

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Re: What would make Anthem awesome for you?

★★★★ Novice

If freeplay, worked, quest wouldn't no progression break, and bosses wouldn't get hung, oh and if I could actually talk to Dax to get rid of the map market. The ability to ping pr have a global alert when someone is doing an event or fighting a titan would be nice. I mean sure we have voice chat but my experience with it this far is people screeching at me that I'm trash because they dove in 1 v 20, stood in fire, or hugged a boss.

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Re: What would make Anthem awesome for you?

★★★★ Novice
  • more storyline 
  • Freeplay needs to be improved (more mobs, semi-bosses, fortresses, more world events, ...) 
  • Loot needs to be tweaked (the quality depending on the difficultly - no white/green/blue in GM1+)
  • Srongholds need to be adjusted in rewards vs time spent 
  • allow a group (2 or 3 players) to opt into not having 4 players for freeplay / stronghold
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Re: What would make Anthem awesome for you?

★★★★★ Novice

More loot, unqiue looking weapons, more archetypes per weapon. 

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Re: What would make Anthem awesome for you?

★★★★★ Novice

Free Play


  • Custom Waypoints
  • Spawn areas around the freeplay map
  • Mini map
  • Public areas which contain more than 4 people
  • Public events have a marker or waypoint that can be seen on the map not just in vicinity
  • Bigger public event that perhaps takes more people to complete
  • Allow me to delete loot without ending my current session so i do not run out of space. No matter what the loot is, i am past caring about white,green blue engrams



  • Stats page showing stats of equipped items and how said stats will change when swapping with alternative gear
  • This may be a bit much, but descriptions on cast/animation time for certain powers. Small notes advising if animation can be clipped (long animation that cannot be stopped by using dodge ability if being targeted; resulting in a one shot)
  • A better way of equipping gear other than the forge, this would eliminate some loading screens
  • Walk/run faster while in Fort Tarsis. It currently feels frustratingly slow.
  • Option to organise or have a favorites/most commonly used consumable tree. (Very annoying having to look for each individually and do not seem to be sorted by rarity etc)
  • Some kind of communication, whether it be emotes or a chat window. I know there are a lot of bugs that will get fixed etc, but it is also helpful if you happen to be trying to do a strategy with a random group
  • More enemy types, bosses/mini bosses
  • A lot more strongholds that are not a copy and paste of previous quests

Personal Gripe


  • My biggest personal gripe is Elementalist shields on GM2 and higher. The fact i can eliminate a boss /mini boss faster than taking out just one of these guys shows me these guys really need something done to address this. Either lower the time it takes to remove the shield, increase the time it takes for the shield to go back up or allow status effects to work when the shield has been dropped. I have yet to freeze an elementalist that has a dropped shield.
  • Allow a back hand option so when a team member makes an amusing mistake, i can give them the swift hand of justice!
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Re: What would make Anthem awesome for you?

★★ Guide

* Totally revamped user interface. Without this, it's a no-go. 

* Removal of all load screens except when you start a mission, and when you are returning to Fort Tarsis afterwards. No loading for the forge, fully instanced world (e.g., no loading in caves or "sub-regions")

* Greatly improved combat. Make it feel like you're doing things to the enemy, not at them.

* Responsive, reactive enemies. Taking cover, having patterns, making noises. Enemies that feel like they're actual entities in the world, not just damage floaty sources.

* Multiple environments, each as large as the current map.

* Vastly, vastly improved number of guns and gun archetypes (along with emphasizing guns a little more, and deemphasizing spells a little, to bring them into a harmonious balance)


With those things in the game, I might consider checking out a 10-hour trial. 

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Re: What would make Anthem awesome for you?

★★★★ Novice

How we were hopeful...

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Re: What would make Anthem awesome for you?

★★★ Guide

Look at that post above yours. That long list of wants and they end it by saying maybe with all those changes he’d try a 10 hour trial. That’s why this game is dead.


Anthem was treated so poorly, with so much bashing, mixed with entitlements, zero support, and the whole time they were putting out patches anyone who showed any interest was told by the mob to stay away.

The game needed some support from the community but it became the popular thing to trash it. To say anything positive was downvoted.

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