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Re: What's lacking?

by Redstevo

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What's lacking?

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What do you think is holding apex back from being a better game? (If anything)


For me, I feel like for such a team-oriented game, it's lacking a lot of teamplay. And that's primarily due to the community I suppose. I'm not sure how, but I feel like something or things could be added to give more incentive to teamplay. 


What do you think the game lacks, and what would make it better?

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Re: What's lacking?

@Snugglez4u The devs gave is the best ping system they could for players who cannot use a mic. Lack of team play is down to the people playing.

What the game lacks? Well based on nerds and buffs done since the lacks devs actually playing the game to understand what is really needed.
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Re: What's lacking?

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I just thought about it, but every legend even has a voice line for when the squad is too split up. I wish people would just work together better. Idk what else there would be to change.


P.S. - Unrelated
but, isn't 2.4k materials A LOT for a skin? Like... I've been saving forever and I still need like 800 more if I want to get the wattson skin. I mean it jumps from 800 for an epic, to THREE times that for a legendary. And yet the apex coins only goes up less two times the cost. Obviously they want money, but that's harsh...



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Re: What's lacking?

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@Snugglez4u The game lacks 120 FPS on Xbox series X. What the heck!? Supposedly it is a “high priority” to get this out but it is taking way too long, and not to sound too annoying here but coming from Cold War to this game it is unbearably sluggish. I want to play apex but feel like i am underwater the whole time, therefore I’m just patiently waiting for that 120 FPS. Btw halo 5 runs 60 FPS as well but feels significantly better in terms of input lag. So frustrating!
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