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Re: What's going on in the Anthem fandom?

by KerneIPad

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What's going on in the Anthem fandom?

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Had better make good on the suggestion made in the following thread:


Hope moderators are comfortable with this idea which is that rather than various content creators plugging their stuff in separate threads in EA Answers (which can get rather spam-like and risking deletion) that such creators can share 'in one thread' what their communities are up to.


There are plenty of such communities.


But try googling them, it's not easy as "Anthem' is such a generic word and the gaming news sites (and politics) come first.


Who's out there doing stuff?



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Re: What's going on in the Anthem fandom?

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Nice idea. 


I kinda hope Anthem will have their own separate forums, I like the EA AHQ but it will definitely feel restricting when Anthem is released. As for myself, I'm currently just following the game's announcements and looking to be part of the community. 



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