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Re: What really bothers me....

by Fr3dY2

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What really bothers me....

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I get that the object of this game is looting and surviving buuut.... How fair is it to touch down after initial launch and die in mere seconds. There really is no chance at skill and it seems just wrong to die from something that is absolutely out of your control. Most commonly what I'm talking about is having someone land near you and there's only one gun between both you. The other person ends up snagging it. And in spectacular fashion they launch a hail of gunfire in the general direction that you're in. While you try and dodge bullets they thirst you hard because of the upper hand that's in play. Let's say you do get away. So you manage to barely escape and the screen is in the red and while trying to figure out your bearings only to be met by the rest of the offenders squad who also happen to get their hands on a gun greet you with open arms for the untimely demise that awaits you. Happen way too much and accounts for too many deaths. Wondering if there could be some kind of damage delay or reduction on initial drop that could be implemented? Just something that could even the odds a bit to make the game actually interesting instead of waiting for teammate that have no interest in revives because they consider it to be your fault fo going down. Or just the flat out elimination of your team for not being able to provide back up because of being taken out instantly. It just annoys me to have to fire up another game right after I just started one.   TL;DR Get gud scrub and find a gun.  :/

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Re: What really bothers me....

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As much as I hate this scenario, I don't think these would be good changes. It's been used against me a lot, but I've also used it to get a few kills at the beginning. You just have to go to a less populated area. Wait until the last second to drop from the ship. Yeah you may run into one or two teams, but bigger places like Repulsor, Swamps, Artillery will give you chance to at least find something. 

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Re: What really bothers me....

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Happens to me often, usually when landing in the Hot Spot. It makes you mad, but I think Battle Royale has to be like this: die fast in some matches, don't find any weapons or armor for a long time... it adds some 'random' factor to the game. I don't want to play (almost) the same match everytime, even if I'm killed fast Nerd

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Re: What really bothers me....

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I know hot spots are well known for this issue. For that reason I don't like dropping in them. But there are many times where I'll drop in a secluded area and randomly a person happens to go in the same area and this happens.

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Re: What really bothers me....

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Gambling for initial loot is a choice. You don't need to do it and it's most definitely not a good strategy (but definitely fun sometimes XD). Note how in ranked and competitive play players very carefully look around when landing and change plans if they see they may have a clash with opponents too early. Well unless they're actively griefing some opponent (e.g., hindering the leader - you'll go down, even if I go down with you!). But even that is avoidable - you just need to not rush to land and first see where they land, if you suspect others may target you.

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Re: What really bothers me....

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I don't bother with ranked. Nevertheless that's good advice.

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