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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

by Dilute7

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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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@BadPanda_ltd wrote:

@Green_Legend_Ran wrote:

One should not be top geared 1 month post launch in any game, especially in an online multiplayer game. Drop rates for Legs are fine by me.

Oh boy, lets see this can of worms.. Step away from the kool aid please. I have racked up 301 hrs, both open and closed weekends, I have stuck by this game like so many others, Have followed this game as it grew, and yet You say this. Look at reddit, look around at what people who know these things are saying, I mean look at what Travis Day said.. Every single day, more and more people are saying the exact same thing.  So no, the drop rates aren't fine.

Who's drinking the Flavor Aid?! You have played the game for just over 12 days real time (301 hrs) in it's just over 30 days window post launch. Perhaps you should step away from your keyboard/console for a bit...

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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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@DaBallger wrote:

Personally I don't think the drop rate is the real issue, It's the fact that 85% of the time when you do finally get that Leggo drop the inscriptions are absolutely horrid. I mean tbh it should be rare but when I see "3% dmg" or "5% Shield Max" it hardly feels "Legendary... especially when I see Epics with way better inscriptions majority of the time. Bottom line there's no way a Legendary should ever not be an upgrade from a MW or lower (Inscription wise) EVER , kinda defeats the purpose of the tier you think.

Or its for the javelin Im not flying or have no intentions of ever plying

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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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When everybody is done gearing, it's GAME OVER boys. There won't be another level beyond legendary. They have to keep us busy until new grindworthy stuff is implemented.

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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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I really want to play the game but there are quite a few thing really bugging me with anthem. Things that make my blood boil.


Lets go over a few things:


1. Why uint there a pinging option in free-play?


2. Why aren't public events marked on the map or pinged when they start?


3. Why can't I spawn on my friend or other freelancers?


4. Why does it take sooo long to load into free-play? 


5. Why cant I view my loot as soon as I get it?


6. Thank you for the quick forge launcher, but why cant I quickly go to the tower?


7. Why is it that free falling in a jav for two seconds doesn't start cooling the jav of when over heating?


8. Why is there a cool down on melee? and why aren't there melee weapons?


9. Why is it when your game kicks me to the main menu while playing free-play I don't get my loot? this happens way too often ffs.


10.Why cant we change the color of weapons?


11. Why isn't the free play map more dynamic it areas? Snow section, lava section, etc. The whole map looks exactly the same, and with public events being annoying as hell to find I dont want to play on it much.


12. Why cant I preview the stuff at the featured store? See what emotes look like or view jav paint and materials, etc.


13. Why dont loot chests drop freaking credit$$?


14. Why is it Im not getting loot above my level when Im playin and beat g the hard stuff? 


15. Why why why cant I speak to other players unless they have a mic? Some players dont pit their mics on unless they know someone else has theirs on, and they cant know if there is no way to see or hear someone taking? You could always add a mute setting if people are being toxic.


16. WHY cant I quick play with my friends?


17. Why the hell do the abilities do less damage in higher difficulty settings and why are the Ai stupid it those setting but hit hard as hell? Seriously, players are moving around like crazy trying not to die, and the Ai stands in one place taking chunks of our health and getting shot at. Bulletsponges like crazy.


18. Why cant we sell loot we find and dont need?


19. Why cant I go from the forge directly back the the mission selection screen?


20. Why oooooh why aren't there waaaay more armor sets that we can earn in game!!!!????


21. Why tf isn't there a skip cutscenes option still? or vote to skip? 



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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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I wish people could understand the flaw of this loot system and stop saying thing like:

- You shouldn't have full legs too fast.

- LOL, you maxed you gear and then what?


Well, full leg doesn't mean anything, you need good rolls, you want to have different built, you also have 4 Javelins. And actually how long to reach max level is not the issue, it's about the progression you gain worth the time you spent. If they have a good pace for progression, even if I could read max gear in a shot time I still come back when they have new content, new level of difficulty...

But TBH, increase leg drop is just a patch job, doesn't fix the problems they have now. They need a big overhaul and well, a rather long time to do that.

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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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top geared?? having a legend in every slot still isn't top geared, you then need to repeat to get good rolls....hence why a crafting system would have been LOADS better  even if we could craft legends back to back youd need 10+ of each to attempt at good rolls 


legends craft should be 10x the mats of a MW     least the grind would have a better target than just random

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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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I still miss the time where your complete guild farmed 1 month to be able to craft 1 armor piece with a successrate of only 60%. And noone cried  like a reddit-arded.


Why call it legendary if everyone has that item with perfect stats after 1 week or month.

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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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To Green Legend


Not be top geared after 1 month?


The people thinking that legendary drops means you are top geared are not playing the same game Im playing.


The reason we need ALOT higher loot drops is cause of the implicits on each legendary or masterwork item.


Example : I have one legendary with a total of 300% charge rate, 200%+100%

it can also roll with +100% damage cause that implicit is not occupied.


"One should not be top geared 1 month post launch"


With current drops, it will take around 6 months none stop grinding to have good passives on your gear, PER JAVELIN.

Most of us like playing more javelins.


Current drop rate means to fully deck out your 4 javelins, with NOT near perfect rolls and likely only 30% legendary gear, with good rolls.

Will take you around 2 years of NONE STOP gaming. TWO YEARS of gaming 5-10 hours per day to get not even fully legendary gear with near perfect rolls.


Thats how fuuuuked up the current drop rate system is.


its a loot game. We want loot to play with. We want to try different builds with different javelins.


That, or simply REMOVE the implicit passive modifiers on every legendary and master work item and place them into a specialization tree.


The current drop rate IS fine, with no modifiers on the items. Then its perfect.

The game is NOT balanced around its modifiers and this pisses me off cause its obvious this was some last 6 months thing project instead of another road.


They are not playing their own game, period, and it shows. And anyone thinking the loot drops are fine are not bothering with the passives on masterwork and legendary items.

Which was so incredibly powerful that the item difference between legendary skills and item differ with up to 1000%, thats right, one skill or item even if both are legendary can be TEN times stronger, if not even more, then another item or skill of legendary quality.


"The drop rates are fine"....Good for you if you think this but most of us wanted a looter shooter and Anthem is NOT a looter shooter.


Borderlands 3 on the horizon, Division 2 getting fantastic reviews.


I wanted for anthem to succeed, I was having such a blast with it, such a beautiful game, but its going down the drain cause the development team with their ZERO experience of looter games and not playing their own game, REFUSE TO LISTEN TO THEIR PLAYER BASE...where majority of us have vast experience from anything from Borderlands, Destiny, Diablo, Path of exile....we KNOW what we want, we say what you need to do to make the game better, and you flat out refuse?


Shame on you for robbing us of this and shame of you for refusing to listen to not only the community but every streamer, writer that played this game sais the same thing: Where is the God Darn LOOT!!!!


Edit  : To clarify before some guy comes in and say " I was full legendary in 2 weeks"

Dude : I have all 4 javelins with close to 50% of their entire gear as legendary gear.

I have 1...ONE legendary item with great rolls. I found that by shere luck on day 3 of Anthem release. One other have decent rolls.


Point is. In 50 legendary items, your LUCKY if 5 of them have great rolls, and probably only 1 item will have perfect rolls.


This is why we need more loot cause we are now trying to find perfect rolls for our gear.


And even with a 500% more drop rate in tems it will still take around 2 months PER javelin to get him fully decked out and with 2 months I mean, playing 8-12 hours per day for 2 months straight. with 500% increased drop rate AND looking for perfect rolls for the casual player with say 10 hours per week playing anthem, it will take 1 year, per javelin, to have your perfect rolls.


In current game, the casual player will have a fully decked out javelin in close to perfect rolls on all his legendary items after around 5 years of gameplay, PER JAVELIN.


I grinded the game for 10-14 hours per day for close to 2 weeks straight, went total cave man no life and found ONE legendary item worth keeping. ONE, and I played during both bugs, so I even once found 2 legendary items from one mob. So yes I sit on around 30 legendary items in total, and I have TWO worth using, 1 that is great, the 2nd okish.

And for the rest Im using the armor pieaces for just that, armor and shields is better but the implicits are straight garbage.


I have zero legendary weapons worth using, due to the passives on masterworks is stronger.

Since we find more masterwork the chance for its passives to be better is higher, hence...majority use masterwork over legendary and is why we want alot more legendary drops.




CM Edit - Do not attack others, this is your warning. 

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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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Yes, they have legit reasons: 1- Achieving a legendary javelin is currently Anthems end game content and they are slowly dragging it out. 2- it’s part of their business model, which we are clueless about because we don’t sit in their board meetings. 


Whether it’s to use as a manipulation tool or whatever we’ve been theorizing about, they’ve determined the current loot “system” is the best way to make money and drop rates likely will not change much. There probably is an “invisible hand” affecting drops. There likely is a “behind closed doors” reason for stingy drop rates that they will never make public because the truth would enrage the players.


Don’t expect them to be truly transparent on this matter. The answer they are likely to provide would be something like this: “we’re looking into this and plan to make changes slowly over time.” 


This is purely my opinion. 



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Re: What is the reason Bioware is Holding back the LG?

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You know, the only reason the drop rate issue is an issue at all is because that's literally the end game. There is no new content to unlock once you get a certain gear score, the achievements for getting all of one gear score dont seem to work (Im at masterwork and I looked and all those challenges are not completed), theres no actual in game REASON to continue playing the game once you hit 30. OTHER than to grind the same three instances and run the same few missions youve already run in the hopes of getting good enough drops to get to GM1 where you get all the loot, where you grind the same three instances and run the same few missions youve already run in the hopes of getting good enough drops to get to GM2. Then you get to grind the same three instances and run the same few missions youve already run in the hopes of getting good enough drops to get to GM3, but at a much harder difficulty, but for seemingly the same weighted loot as in GM1. THEN you get to get into GM3 where you get to grind the same three instances and run the same few missions youve already run... to get the best gear.... for why exactly?

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