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What happend to Apex Legends?

by ApexMiddleFinger

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What happend to Apex Legends?

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Re: What happend to Apex Legends?

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Re: What happend to Apex Legends?

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Did you watch the whole video pubg is broken worse lol 50 percent of the games he plays the server shuts down in pubg

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Re: What happend to Apex Legends?

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I watched both videos. The first one doesn't really tell anything. Don't watch it, it's a waste of time.

The second one is very explicit. I agree with a lot of stuff the guy says, but not necessarly with the way he says it. Unfortunately, the thing that hits me the most is the amount of likes VS dislikes (currently 44k likes VS 1K dislikes). It shows that a huge majority of the viewers think the same. It's also trending with more than half a million views.

I'm not sure what to think of all of this information. It points out a huge lack of post-launch development and care while still agreeing with the fact that Apex is one of the best FPS games that came out in years. I guess I'll keep playing until I truly feel bored. I'm starting to troll a lot ingame to make everything more enjoyable. (Like trying dumb challenges like "no looting before 10 minutes" or "grenades only").

As a person, I'm a lot more exposed to negative feedback about the game than positive one. Wether it's ingame, on social platforms, on these forums or when discussing with friends, it's always mostly negative. It does have an impact. It makes me sad because this game is just so great in it's core. Is Respawn / EA working on a plan to turn things around? 

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Re: What happend to Apex Legends?

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Recently I have seen numerous videos popping on YouTube talking about how Respawm is currently blowing it with Apex. 

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Re: What happend to Apex Legends?

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@ApexMiddleFinger  All you have to do is just look on the forum for the Apex News & Updates rather then going off some YouTube BS...


This is news that just came out on 4/25/19;


Shroud says he'd rather play PUBG... hmm


All I can say from all the online videos I have watched from the game, it looks LAME!


I'd rather play Ring of Elysium! Wink


Hello Shroud Tencent makes Ring of Elysium too! Standard smile


The second video is childish with all the vulgar language, and we're expected to sit around and listen to the rants of a person acting and speaking in this manner about the state of a game?


LMAO - Give me a break.... I don't see Apex as dying or going anywhere at the moment...


BUT you know what I do see a lot of immature people out there like this, that just because things don't go there way, like to Talk Trash!


Look at the News Section people, the game isn't dying.


SERIOUSLY things take time and this costs EA/Respawn extreme amounts of money, so people need to have some patience, only time will tell.




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