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What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

by DarthValtrex

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What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

I have been enjoying the overall improvements.


it’s fairly easy to keep a large enough stack of cells in your inventory to actually charge it and use it to its full potential. If you have a blue or purple backpack. If not, you run a risk of running out of cells. 


I’m tore on whether or not the charge should be timed or a set number of shots. The big drawback to the timed charge, you often find targets, have to hide and charge it before you can take a shot. This often gives the enemy player a chance to disappear. This is especially true with Wraith. She gets the warning and finds cover. 

i would definitely get more use out of it if it had a set number of shots. But would this make it an OP sniper?! Not an OP gun in general but OP against other sniping guns?


The charge rifle is its charge up.

the triple take is the fact that it requires a choke for range.
the longbow is at a disadvantage if it has no skull piecer. 
right now the big drawback to the Sentinel is the timer for disruptor rounds.


It’s strengths are the high damage body shots and the ability to break shields in one shot.


the down side, you have to reconfigure inventory to carry extra cells. That often means sacrificing nades.


i know it’s difficult to get kills with snipers because it often requires 2-3 shots and most players can find cover before you land the shot that knocks them. Even if you do, they often crawl to cover and get revived before you can push them. But they are effective in open areas, for access denial, or picking off kills from a third party perspective, they also help your squad gain an advantage on an enemy squad before you push. 

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Re: What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?


@DarthValtrex  To be fair you're only warning wraith if you're dropping your crosshairs right on her. I often do this just to torment distant wraiths...never gets boring watching them panic teabag around. :,)



Overall i'd say i prefer cells to batteries though, i rarely use cells so it suits me nicely. The charge time is a little clunky i'm not gonna lie...but i mean i won't use it for one or two targets, if i'm overlooking a multi team fight that's when it gets used.

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Re: What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

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It’s really not a good gun. 

Game companies make sniper rifles suck in general because people want to run through the open then cry when they get shot.


But if you are going to use one, use the Charge rifle, maybe a Longbow.  The rest are awful.

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Re: What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

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@DarthValtrex I barely use the charge but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GUN! Best sniper, and I prefer not to use it as a sniper funnily enough. Slap a 2-4x or 3x on that bad boy, hit an enemy at medium range with a solid 70 or 130ish to the head and finish them off with your secondary. It's just really fun and satisfying to use, I just need to get better at utalising that charge feature.
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Re: What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

@KelRiever I agree. Don't get me wrong I love bolt actions and have had many years of fun with them on cod and Battlefield, but I only use the Kraber on Apex.
The Sentinel is two slow imo for the damage it deals. I would rather have the Longbow It shoots way faster and does less but decent damage.
The Triple take can be alright at mid to long range as well I like using it with the 2 or 3x Hcog.
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Re: What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

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Well as much as I love sniping. I don't know if I want more than the Kraber to be 1 shot kill guns. I've played other games that have strong sniping guns. It ends up becoming camping game. Sitting around waiting for someone to pop their head up or run through the open as they look for another location to park their RV. 

BFV has some strong sniping guns if you don't miss head shots. You can end up in rounds in which it's basically unplayable as anything but a sniper because there are snipers camped all over the map. Pop your head up any place and you get killed instantly.

When it comes to sniping guns it depends on my mood. But I agree the Longbow is better overall if it has a skull piercer, without it you're at a huge disadvantage when it comes to head shots. 

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Re: What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

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@DarthValtrex It's definitely a decent gun, but as stated before, it's not good, good, you know? Most likely due to how the game is ATM, with weapon meta, map layout, etc. etc. If it were to be a set number of shots, I think it'd be nice to have 2 charged shots per cell. 8 shots per stack seems like a fitting number, especially since you only need one to crack shields. I think it was designed more for squad play in mind, as whoever is using it wants to crack shields right before you push the target. But since most of the weapons in this game aren't really designed around needing your squad, it's definitely fallen off in usage. 


If I do pick it up and decide to run with it, I like using it as a mid-ranged "I'm about to push a target" weapon. Crack shields, push hard, down them with whatever your primary is. Why waste time waiting for someone to hit when I can hit the target myself? 

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Re: What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

★★★★ Pro

It's a good sniper rifle, it's up there with the Kraber and Charge rifle.


Sniper rifles in general have been nerfed in to the ground which does take a lot of shots to down some one. Hopefully we get a buff on sniper rifles though the challenges are a little tough to do when having to kill 10 people with a sniper rifle.


why doesn't respawn let us use both or either or a shield battery or shield cell when using the Sentinel though ? Some of us switch up our game depending the armor color. And no longer use cell's only carry batteries.


It's a fun gun I use it when ever I can.


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Re: What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

★★ Pro

I really hate this weapon, to me it's the worst sniper in the game! I downed many players with all other snipers, but this one is broken XD  

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Re: What are you thoughts on the Sentinel?

★★★★★ Guide
@Noob_Chemist Because as a sniper it is awful. :D As Extremejinks wrote it should be used at middle range. At long range all the other snipers outclass it...
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