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What I love/hate with advice for newcomers

by Leprechanus

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What I love/hate with advice for newcomers

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★★★★ Novice

I have been playing all weekend and overall find the game very enjoyable. It reminds me of a 1st-person shooter of Diablo with robots and flying. I have already hit 30 and despite what many will say (slow down!), it's really not that hard. I played on Hard the whole way and found levels to come very easy while just enjoying blowing things up. Obviously, with the game so new there is still much to learn and I'm no expert. So let's get into what I have enjoyed and no so much enjoyed.




Story and Characters - If you are really into RPGs then I have found the number of characters and dialogue to be very interesting. Even after you complete the main campaign, they always have something to say. I highly encourage everyone to talk to every character when you see them on map. Not only do the conversations seem to continue with some funny moments, but gives you faction points by doing so. 


Combat - I find the combat a lot of fun. There are so many ways to kill enemies. I primarily play Colusses and one of my favorite things to do is try and knock guys over the cliff into the abyss. You can still shoot them, bash them, light on fire, electrocute, whatever. 


Combos - This adds a lot of dynamic to the game and really encourages you to work with other people. The fastest way to take down the big baddies is to combo them. Though some classes can do this a little easier by themselves, it's more fun to try and combo off your allies. Make sure to read the different abilities on your loadout and find out which ones can cause a combo effect. Try to have at least one on you and use at the perfect times to blow up a whole group instantly. 


Loadouts - From 1-30 you are just experimenting with different equipment. At 30, in my opinion, is where the game takes real shape. This is also where it reminds me of Diablo in a way. The perks you get on your guns are completely random. You may have 5 of the same gun, but the perks on each could be different. This becomes really important later as you are trying to make different builds. Do you want to be tanky and close quarters combat, or do you want to sit in the back firing rocket salvos and using a sniper? The perks become very important on different equipment to gear towards your play style. 


Missions and Contracts - So far I haven't encountered any of these to be the exact same. Every mission and contract feels like it's completely different. Fly to different places looking for different things. Sometimes they are pretty quick while others can be longer. This is what makes it more interesting when you aren't just going to the same places and waiting for all the same things. 


Graphics - The game is pretty. From the landscape to the explosions and mob details. The characters and javelins are some of the better animations I've seen. I admit though it is very hard on the computer (I use PC). Hopefully they continue to optimize the game. 


Customization - I find myself constantly re-arranging colors materials on my different javelins. It's like a whole game in itself. As you level up you will find more available to you which creates more time sitting there and getting the perfect look. I'm yet to see anyone looking the exact same which is a big plus. As time goes on I know even more customization options will open making yourself even more unique. BTW, only use for in-game currency in this game is for cosmetics and all can be bought with it. If you are in a hurry and want to spend real money, that is on you, but not required. 




Communication - This has become a real peeve of mine. They want everyone to use voice as I believe it's geared more towards console gaming. The problem is many PC gamers and I'm sure many consoles as well, don't want to talk with people they don't know. They only use voice when playing with friends. I can't believe we have no way to just send out a message to people in your group, not even a macro. It can become infuriating when doing a puzzle and everyone is just running around constantly changing stuff with no purpose. I've spent 10 minutes trying to get people to stop changing symbols to finish the stupid mission. I fly to one spot and set it to have another person come behind and change without understanding the puzzle. This needs to be a top priority as it's just plain stupid. Destiny 2 made the same mistake and has been trying to fix it ever since.  


Auto-joining - I don't know if this is network issues or what but everyone always loads into missions at completely different paces. I have a higher end PC and people still load in faster than me and already at the first marker when I spawn. Soon enough I'm getting the message that you are auto joining your teammates. I know people have complained about this before and rightly so. We need an option to join or not, especially when in regular missions and contracts. I can't tell you how many times I see something to pick up but before I can I'm being ported next to teammates already killing the boss. Sometimes every time you auto-join the message comes back up about to port you again. What is worse is the stupid message box sits right over top of your heat gauge. So you may be trying to fly to the location but overheat and crash because you can't see the gauge. 


Glitchy mobs - There are so many times when I run into a mob and they sort of glitch around and suddenly appear behind. Sometimes I kind of go right through them and they just keep shooting me. 




I really do like the game. It's fun with numerous possibilities. Hopefully, they can continue to add more to the game and optimize some of the issues. It's good for people who play non-stop and casual gamers that just like to play a mission or 2. Make sure to check your map at the end of every mission. There is always someone to talk to or mission to pick up. Also, seen many posts that people claim there is no mission after around lvl 17 which just isn't true. That is when you have to complete and turn in a bunch of stuff while doing free-play to continue the story. I admit I was rushing through certain parts but also admit that I wish I slowed down a little more. It may also be a good idea to do some private games and get good at all of the dynamics of the game.  What makes the game fun is there are so many places to go and do when you are fighting. Hide up on a roof or next to wreckage on the ground. Get good at evading and flying around. 

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