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Re: What Do You Want to see in Season 3?

by Cabowse

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Re: What Do You Want to see in Season 3?

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@DementoCTshorter seasons, 13 weeks = too long, 10 is fine just like on fortnite + more coins from the bpass (on fortnite, we get 1500 from each bpass, on apex we get 1000 which means no additional skins after a few seasons)

and a better ranked mode, it's bs to face premades as a solo, is it hard to understand why solo are put against other solos, why duos are put against other duos etc...on fortnite? dia and predators are literally impossible to reach unless you play in a team

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Re: What Do You Want to see in Season 3?

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If improvements to server and netcode isn't on the forecast I could care less about what they change. 


It is like they got the right BR formula I like now get the performance right.  It is such a sad state of gaming when dev prioritize the fluff (art team) over optimizing how the game should perform.

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Re: What Do You Want to see in Season 3?

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New modes, some limited and some permanent. 


New guns, or minor touches to the current pool of guns, also a new throwable would be nice.


A shorter season where it can be both grindy or simply complete all challenges to complete the battle pass. I like options rather than being forced down one way. 


I want to see more events maybe once a month and new additions to the map like different weather here and there. 


Of course new legends are coming so I can't wait for that. 


I want to see a minor reduce in cost for skins as $18.00 is pretty high. 


I love the diving emotes and would like some ground emotes as well or simply the ability to mess with your ult/tact like toss it around or flick at it, maybe be able to replace the random quips your character says and be able to place this there instead. 

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Re: What Do You Want to see in Season 3?

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I want to hear X amount of hacker banned report, I haven't heard anything (for almost 4 months?) and I want to know how's the progress about making this game hacker free, they did hire someone to manage this 2 months ago right? The dev is so quiet for almost 4 months, no report on hacking situation, so what's going on? I still run into hacker, especially today.


Meanwhile I just checked hacker website and the latest hack software is updated for Sept 4th lol, with these feature

- autoaim
- autowall
- smooth aim


- Player ESP
- Box ESP
- Gadget ESP
- Smoke removal
- Flash removal
Next ring location mark on map
- Radar hack
What are you doing respawn!?
Oh and I think mirage might have a chance when fighting hacker lol. 
"the Apex Legends hack aims directly into Mirage's decoys as it's impossible to tell if the model is legit or fake from the hack's point of view."

Other than that, I want PvE co-op mode or riot!

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Re: What Do You Want to see in Season 3?


I'd really like to see a few new weapons in the game, maybe a new SMG, something that isn't a care package weapon.


I also really hope they bamboozle us and bring in 2 legends at once but I may just be getting my hopes up.


I'd love to see some changes to Skull town & Bunker and Artillery as well just to change things up.


As far as quality of life I'd like to see some more extensive stats in the game, as well as some fixes to the audio bugs that have been prevalent since the start of S2.


I'd like to see more options for legend tokens in the store, some legend token exclusive skins would be nice!


and a proper training mode too!


Hope that isn't too much to ask! :P

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