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Welcome! Introduce yourself

by EA_Straatford

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Introducing myself :)

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Hi all,


I am from the Netherlands Europe and stay in a small city a little of 35km outside Amsterdam, where I have lived most of my childhood. Actually some may called this merely a 'village'' compared to Amsterdam wich for today it seems not anymore, because it has been rising so fast and becomming more and more crowded by the day.

I don't like it too much, too many people around me makes me anxious lol.


My hobbies are many but to name a few: Cycling, running and most of the other outdoor what one could thing of.

I am interieur designer, so I guess this is on the top of the list for now. I olso like to be sitting behind my desk or hang out on my old couh wich I designed myself and wach a movie or just reading and get disturbed by my girlfriend all the time telling me we have to still do this and that or go here and there, I guess thats part of whats called life I guess.


What I love about Origin. I realy do not know I still have to think a little about that one. There are some things I like and that is to be able to interact and play. Origin have been growing through the years and is getting better and better. So I hope this will only remain as long as we all can wish for and that you guys and girls from Origin stay creative and playfull like the whole of community you have created wonderfully around you for the love for gamers and alike. I appreciate it very much and maby that is what I love about Origin.


The games I like are the battlefield series. I love em all. Open worldish and very fun with other people to hang around with doing eighter coop or non coop is very fun. I am not someone who aim for being the best or stand out. I am one of those gamers who does it for fun with friends or by myself and just having a good time. Battlefield have and will be one of the series that took most of my time where I realy enjoy playing. But olso it very much anoys me that there are many cheaters online olmost in every server now and that is the lesser enjoyment in this series. Here I come to one of my biggest wishes and what could be the one thing Origin could do and get more or less creative, to think of a way to have be able to get rid of the people who try to destroy the fun for us gamers. I know Origin works hard for this and it isen't so easy to obtain. But we, the good gamers, will not let this minority ruin our games and hope Origin will make short notice on these people and or at least let them know who is in charge.


But ofcourse the battlefield is not the only games I enjoy. I do like the Mass Efffect series as well very much and can't wait for the next one soon. I do love the stories in mass effect and as I'm a big science fiction fan the setting from the mass effect series does please me even more in that way. Scenery is beautifull and the whole of design of the games are a wonder to enjoy and many nightly hours me and especially my girlfriend realy had us hooked for long time.

To be honest now thinking of it we actually like all the games Origin EA provide us. Anthem olso one of the many we enjoyed. Man what a beautifull game that is. I still have to finish it like some others. But sometimes I just stand around or walk around and look at the scenery for while and forget about any objective I supposed to do lol.


There are many to be said about the games we play but for now I stop by saying that I do enjoy Origin in most of it's aspects and hope there will be more comming in the future. I know the future is for the most part unknown and everything can happen but with creativity Origin have shown us I olso know it will be only getting better.


Peave, love and creativity!



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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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Am from Australia. My hobbies are video games, music, art and fitness.


My favourite Origin game is Dead Space, my funniest gaming experience would probably be being eaten by a giant talking bat in "Juice World".


I don't know enough about Origin to provide valid criticism, but I appreciate that it's a competitor to Steam and GOG and could potentially make all platforms better.


I'm pretty much just here to ramble about random ideas I have.

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Betreff: Introduce Yourself

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Hello therei am mary I live in nevada with family,  I have not been here for a long time my brother came and picked me up in ar. Cause I could not walk or move . I have gullian berr sydome. I have played sims before but that was long time ago. I am happy person most of the time but now my life is up sidedown  sims can always make you smile


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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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Hi I love EA, because I realized if I bullying EA, I got DDA all the day. So I love EA so much 

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