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Welcome! Introduce yourself

by EA_Straatford

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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  • Where are you from? USA
  • What's your favorite Origin game? Imma Simmer
  • What are your hobbies? If arcade games count as gaming then i've been a gamer since the 80's
  • Name one thing that you love about Origin Oh let me get back to you on that, k?
  • Name one feature you'd like to see added to Origin Anything or everything on the collected feedback list
  • Name one existing feature that you would like to see improved on Origin The time and date counter fixed. 
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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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@MerrierSimmetry Hi.


"Imma Simmer" what is that?

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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Oh um right, I play The Sims 4!



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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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EA Community Manager



Hey there,


We've already spoken before, but I'm excited to now officially welcome you to the Origin Community! I hope that you will have a pleasant stay here Standard smile


If you want, let us know about your favorite or most powerful gaming memories in the following thread:


And now you will all have us curious to see if your memories will be Sims related..




A Simmer is someone that loves and plays the Sims (we have many of them here at the office - they are everywhere!)


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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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Hi, i'm Rosie!

I'm from Manchester, UK, i'm 19 years old and my hobbies include singing, dancing and acting. Also, i like playing with my dog- Bobin and my guinea pigs- Brock and Badger, going to the cinema to see lots of films and reading!

My favorite Origin game and also only origin game i have played is The Sims! I would like to see if there are any other games out there that i may enjoy (recommendations welcome). 

A gaming experience i remember was when i was in year 8 and first started playing Sims and thought i was weird for making all these diverse sims with complicated relationships, whether that was because of affairs in families, same sex relations, making them have lots of babies... i thought i was the only one! Until... me and a friend from school confided in each other and found we both did the same! It makes me laugh to think about that memory as it seems so daft now! i couldn't give a fook! 

I love origin because everything you need is in one place, it is a trustworthy system and is organised well.

A feature i'd like to see- more free stuff and speedier downloads!


I want to make friends through this! Standard smile 

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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Welcome @rosie_mellor ! Standard smile 


I also when I was 19 years I played in The Sims 3Wink


I recommend you Mass Effect Universe. It's a beautiful story about life and faith in a better tomorrow ...

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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Thank you so much for advice! I will have a look 🙂🙂 x
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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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EA Community Manager



Hi Rosie,


Welcome to the Community! It's lovely to have someone here that's into the performing arts. That does make me curious.. since you're into gaming, would you ever consider doing voice acting for a game? Or do you prefer physical acting?


I also love the names of your pets, by the way. Especially BadgerLarge smile


If you're looking for friends, then be sure to also leave a reply in our Origin - Find new friends thread. I know for a fact that there's at least one other Sims player in there! But it would also be a good idea to just join in on some other topics in the General Discussion, as that is the easiest method of getting to know other players.


Like you, the EA office where I'm at is full of Sims lovers! So since you've asked for some other tips on games, I've asked around for you to see what some of their other favorite Origin games are, and the general consensus was on the following games:


What I would personally recommend is to try out a month of Origin Access - it's a membership for £3.99 / month £19.99 year that you can cancel at anytime, where for as long as you are a member, you can play all games in the Vault. Our Vault currently also includes Unravel, Plants vs Zombies, Sims 3, as well as SimCity. So, if you really wanna try out something new, then this is probably the easiest and most cost effective way of doing so - as a bonus, it also happens to give you a 10% discount on other purchases in the Origin Store.


I would say the best thing about Origin Access is that you can try out many of our games for a month, without having to fully commit to them. If you've got any questions about that, let me know!


In the meantime, I hope that you will enjoy the Community forums, and thanks for stopping by!




(forgot to add: @MerrierSimmetry that did a post just above yours, is also a Sims fan! You can tag a user by writing a reply and using the @ immediately followed by the name of that user, as in my example in this sentence - it will let someone know that you've talked about them here on the forum).


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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

Hi @rosie_mellor


I must say I agree with @EA_Straatford Brock and Badger are priceless. Large smile


As for the recommendations Sebastian_Ryder and Tom already covered that pretty well imho.





"I recommend you Mass Effect Universe. It's a beautiful story about life and faith in a better tomorrow ..."


beautiful story / Checked

about life and faith / Checked

in a better tomorrow...



I am not so sure about that. Wink




This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
Dies ist ein Spieler helfen Spielern Forum, ich arbeite nicht für EA.

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself

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@Holger1405 "faith in a better tomorrow ..."



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