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Weirding Woods!

by Iron_Guard8

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Weirding Woods!

★ Pro

I love Town Center, between Major Sweetie, the ability to explore all over the place, and all the hidden and obvious jokes. Part of why I enjoy the PvZ shooters so much all wrapped up into one package.


Even saying that, Weirding Woods is even better. I won't put any spoilers here but so many lol moments last night as I worked on the main quest, the scenery is beautiful, and while I'm not done yet, I've really enjoyed it. 


The only real complaint I have is all those aggressive roots by the factory made moving about that area more of a chore than I feel it should be and while I haven't tried the battle chest yet, I hear it may be worse than the Town Center one, and those were my least favorite part of that zone.

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Re: Weirding Woods!

★★★ Guide

In the swampy bits  you mean.... cant you just use the boom box and put them to sleep? Only a slight pain to have to repeat the process every time you want to explore.

Yep this game is truly awesome... I love it to bits already Heart and it is beautiful.... and yes the laughs and surprises we had last night exploring weirding woods was so much fun Large smile I love that these challenges can be done with a friend or two to share the fun, something that was missing in GW2.

Bit bored with all the negative stuff about the game....  I do wonder how many people have actually taken the time to explore further than just the multiplayer.... I have only been in the multiplayer a few times..... and there is sooo sooo much more to this game that just that. 

Of course there are issues that need fixed, particularly some technical problems which are very frustrating for people... no surprises there... and we wont talk about the Battle chest 4 of the town center or the Battle chest 5 of Weirding woods (still to attempt this but by all reports I am not looking forward to it)... and Im sure there are balancing issues.... many of these are hopefully teething problems and will be dealt with in time.
However... reading the plethora of negative comments and moaning about this and that and the next thing, not to mention the constant comparison to GW 1 and 2... refusal to accept the fact that while this is part of the franchise it is NOT gw3... its a game in its own right ,  it makes me kinda sad that people arent taking the time to appreciate the true awesomeness of this fun and beautiful game.... and all this for $30 for the founders edition and yet they still moan.

This is an amazing game with so much to do, explore and enjoy. Cant believe how much I love it already and we are only on week 2. When the leaks surfaced I was a bit... ohhh the artwork is different , will I like it... but within literally minutes of playing it myself I was totally won over Large smile
More than that they have listened to much of what the community has been asking for and while it may not make everybody happy (this Im sure would be totally impossible) from what I have seen so far, the community wants and thoughts have been taken into consideration and I thank the developers for that.
The customisations are in a class of their own... and no gold silver gem repeats.
These new ones are well thought out and beautifully drawn... and we have spectrum hats that change colour... hurray Large smile

Much congratulation and love to the developers for doing a great job, and they have obviously put a lot of time and love into this long awaited beautiful game. HeartLarge smile

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Re: Weirding Woods!

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★ Pro

@Asabaida  I fully agree. I love both GW games and although I do play other multiplayer shooters as well, none of them matched GW for me, I've even uninstalled Overwatch mostly thanks to the downright nasty community that game has these days. That being said, once the most glaring issues (balance and optimization and I include aiming issues in optimization), this game has such massive potential to eclipse both GW games. 


Overall the positive I've seen far outweighs the negative and for good reason. There's a few things I miss like variants but most people just played the current strongest one anyway, too many detonation characters, arctic troopers, and others and so few of the variants deemed underwhelming. Having classes be more specific means its easier to get them to focus on the strength of their role without variants of other classes stepping on their toes. 


The capsules do feel less rewarding than the sticker packs but with no longer needing consumables, and from what I've seen after spending a bunch on the reward-o-tron, it's not as bad as it may first appear. I would like to see the ability to buy things for specific sides (plants or zombies) and even specific classes rather than just a generic capsule implemented, but my original dislike of the capsules and their high cost, while not totally assuaged, is tempered by the stuff I've gotten. I've gotten 3 legendary hats so far, a volcano for Snapdragon, a clockwork cuckoo for the Acorn, and so far my favorite-the Crow's nest for captain deadbeard. Also since you can get costumes via PvE, you can spend resources on specific, known rewards which I like.


Balance and performance issues are the biggest beefs I've seen with that game and they need to do a better job at balance than they did in GW (mostly 2 but 1 had issues as well), but if they keep this up, they've got a true gem here. Not done with Weirding Woods yet but I already want more PvE zones, they're so well done! (Would love to see those battle chests made at least a little easier though). 

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Re: Weirding Woods!

★★★★★ Novice
@Iron_Guard8 I completely agree with your statements. PvE is really fun, especially split screen. PvP has some serious lag whenever you do split screen, which takes the fun out and forces only to go solo or get some online friends. I would love to play PvP with my siblings like I did in GW2. That’s the number one thing I would love to see fixed more than anything else. Fix the lag for split screen PvP. Other than that, I’ve been spending so much time on this game than I probably should, because this game is really great
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