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Re: Weird Eliminations

by hayhor

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Weird Eliminations

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On Friday I was playing on KC. I had killed a Path early game and was playing later when I noticed my 'death counter' had ticked over to 2. I'd had no elimination message. However, when I'd died my total death count had only gone up by one.


Yesterday the same thing happened ... sort of. I had one kill and my squad had another squad pinned down in a building in Fragment with the ring fast approaching. I knocked one but a Bang popped smoke to revive. The ring was too close we ran off to safety, however my death counter had ticked over to 2, and again there was no elimination. As we ran I DID get an elimination message (the player I knocked must have been eaten by the ring), my death counter was now 3 and I got the 'kill leader' message. When I died my total kills HAD gone up by three.


Anyone else had this?

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Re: Weird Eliminations

@OldAndKnackered My weirdest elimination.. I have 2 noobs for teammates, I'm playing cautiously and just sniping at this never ending third partying fight. There is one enemy left and I kill him as he tries to revive.. We have 15-20 death boxes to loot.. I'm ready to go almost instantly, my teammates have to check every single death box and double check a few.

Ring is closing there are two squads left.. Me and a teammate finish off the third squad our other teammate dies inside of the storm, still at the 15+ death boxes.

The final squad is a solo Mirage and I'm sniping at him. It's at the place that was drill site. Earlier in the game some wattson had fenced all the ziplines up to the platforms and that's our only way up. I throw my ult to try and gas the fences down miss. So I just zip up there thinking I can Devo the mirage.

I proceed to get the mirage to 1 shot but knock myself on the enemy wattson fence (who was eliminated 15+ minutes ago). Mirage stumbles into my ult and we are the champions... It was one of those endings in which you the pros say "these are potatoes I always teamed with"

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Re: Weird Eliminations

@OldAndKnackered I've seen the total death counter not add up right away. Eventually it seems to catch up to the lag.
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