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Weather/Day change in Apex?

by asukojo

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Weather/Day change in Apex?

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Apex always have a great weather, sun shine, blue sky, no wind, no dust, no storm, no rain, no fog,


It would be great if we can inject some dynamic weather in the game to spice thing up

1. Foggy morning: Start with foggy morning then clear it up or vice versa.

2. Windy day which effect movement speed, walk against wind, walk slower, walk with wind, walk faster. 


or maybe time change during game such as :

1. sun rise ( start with little dark then as time progress, sun rises, then become brighter.

2. sun set  ( start bright, as time progress, it's getting darker). 



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Re: Weather/Day change in Apex?

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people will just turn it off in settings its pointless unl;ess they add nvidia app to eac ban list for cheats

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Re: Weather/Day change in Apex?


I would love to see this in game.

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Re: Weather/Day change in Apex?

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I would like to see rain and lightning
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Re: Weather/Day change in Apex?

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A thunderstorm every now and then would be amazing.


Would also add additional difficulty since hearing footsteps will be harder amid thunder and the sound of rain.

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