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Weapon upgrade system .

by PinkieNymph

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Weapon upgrade system .

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all game its have weapon upgrade system . We spend material ,gold, go kill mob . even go pvp ganking ppl for level up it. But in Anthem not have it. 

Atm We got tons of resource from play . so its will be good IF I can lvl up weapon is we use or change some trait is We don't want on our main weapon . 

Well.. its will help people have a point to play . We can use all material gold  or ember for level up our Legendary weapon or modify it . 




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Re: Weapon upgrade system .

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I agree that some sort of upgrade system would be excellent.  Even if we cant get good drops, the knowledge that all that scrapped loot can be put into upgrades would make it more bearable.  

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Re: Weapon upgrade system .

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Simple fix. Make all legendary drops recipes only. That way the terrible drop rate would be fine and we could craft all the legendaries we want. It'll still take forever to craft the one you really want, but it would fix the drop rate issue and make crafting, and all those damn mats in my inventory, useful. It would also make gathering useful.

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