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Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

by EA_David

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Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

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Hi all, we'd like to have some weekly discussions on what you think of weapon balance at the moment, focusing on 2 weapons a week. 


This week we'll bring a mix of the monster and the meme, the Wingman and the Mozambique.






Now you've had time to get used to the big nerf, how do you feel about the Wingman now? Do you think the nerf should be somewhat rolled back or are you happy? With the sniper buff to you think its relative dominance has been reduced?
We joke about the Mozambique, but have you managed to pull off anything cool with it? Have you gotten the winning kill with it?

Let us know what you think below!

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

★★★ Apprentice

How do you consider the wingman having such a big nerf? So you decreased the ammo count on the weapon, big deal. The heavy extended mags are so easy to find in this game, that it makes no difference. If you find this weapon in the early game it will still shred anyone's health and Armour down quickly. By mid game you have at least found a common or blue mag if not a purple. The damage output is way too high on this weapon and the range is insane. That's why its still one of if not the most used weapon in the game. They need to return the ammo count to its original state and SLOW the rate of fire of the weapon. The fact you can fire so many quick shots at close and sniper range hitting 45's for days in too much. 


As for the mozambique I don't have too much to say. The weapon is not good in it's current state. It only fires Basketball shots per clip and it's like shooting marshmallows at enemies. I only use the gun in worst case scenarios at first drop, otherwise I ditch it as soon as i come across any other gun I find. Maybe make it a dual wield weapon or up the ammo count per clip?

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

★★★ Guide

The Wingman should have a 6 shot mag, no mag extensions and slightly higher rate of fire. It should rather have reload time reducing addons, and maybe recoil reducing addons.


The Mozambique...

I mean, did you guys put it in for memes?

I can't count the times I've out-melee'd those who decide to pick it up...

There should be special badges for killing people with it (and the p2020).

Improvements could be increased slugs per shot addons, spread reduction addons and the ability to dual wield two Mozambiques! 

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

★★★ Guide

The WM is still one of the most used weapons. There's no reason why I should get shredded close range by a WM while jumping and running around. 


The Mozambique should be removed completely. If you up the damage, you have a three-shot Eva-8. Just use the Eva-8. If you up the ammo but not the damage, you have a weaker Eva-8. Just use the Eva-8. I don't see why three shotguns are necessary, tbh. You either want a faster fire rate and lower damage, or a slower fire rate and higher damage. Even games like Fortnite just have the Tac and Pump. No reason for the Mozambique. 

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique


Wingman is still clearly good, Mozambique is... you know.

But I sometimes use those cool guns.

Why not love both? Party hat

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

★★★★★ Novice

Mozambique is really only for memes, but it is kinda funny using it to finish downed players at least.  WM is still a beast once you find extended mags, not much more to say.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

★★ Guide

I wont even pick that Mozam POS up. Regardless if I have a gun or not

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

★★★★★ Apprentice

Wingman is fine, not much to say about it. 


But the Mozambique.... come on. Did you add it to the game as a joke? Its literally worthless. The only time it is ever used, is those first drops when you can't find anything else, and even then melee is probably better. There's not one person in the game that would choose this gun over anything else. Might as well remove it from the game entirely. 

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

★★★★★ Novice
Xbox player here.
I love where the Wingman is right now. I feel it is perfect. The 4 rounds prevent one person from killing 3 squads at the beginning of a match simply because they had a Wingman. It is more difficult to shoot now so even though people still use it, they aren't all dominant just because they have it. And the difficulty in shooting doesn't make it useless at long range, but it is not nearly as effective as it used to be, which is perfect.

I actually have no problem with the mozambique now. It's an early game weapon so I don't expect it to be great. I don't think many people have noticed how much damage it does up close now. It was a joke to pick up early on. You would have been better off punching. If it had more bullets, it would nullify the use of other shotguns. I like the Mozambique much more than the P2020 right now, and possibly more than the RE-45.
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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

★★★★ Guide
@raz0r1612 No Wingman doesn't need higher rate of fire.
@enite No Mozambique is still the worst. P2020 is a little better and RE45 is the best.

I would give Wingman
5rounds no mag.
6rounds level 1 mag
7rounds level 2 mag
8rounds level 3 mag.

Currently 4rounds no mag i think it's very low and 10 rounds with level 3 mag it's still too much.
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