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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

by FaZaaa_82

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

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I love the wingman, its my weapon of choice still today along with either a 301, flatline, hemlock or rarely but sometimes a devotion.


I'll admit.. I hate the Mozambique. I see like 20 a match and 9 times outta 10 i land in a room with 3. But i will also admit that i have killed an entire team with just a Mozambique as well Vs. W.e they had. More then once, so to say its complete trash is kinda far fetched. 


P.s. for the people mentioning p2020... I and my wife have witnessed a guy, or girl.. Who knows.. Duel wield 2 p2020s in skull town and take out at least 3 teams as pathfinder... Blasting ones clip dry and swapn to the other.. Like a BEAST. was pure epic.


Just cause youre trash with it.. Dont knock it xD

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Wingman and Mozambique

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1. Wingman


As other people said you have two options with WM:

- roll back to 6 rounds with no extended mag slot; OR

- keep the way it is, but decrease the rate of fire;


2. Mozambique


At the moment no one plays with it. It is useless in early game when melee beats it, mid-game when you have better weapons and we can't even talk about late game.

It may sound harsh, but here is what you need to do. Two options again:

- replace it with another new type of shotgun; OR

- increase the damage to 100; - it is only 3 rounds magazine and this way it would be balanced and usable in all game stages;



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