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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

by adidasPowah

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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

★ Guide

L star probably most uselles gun at this point muzzle flash in super OP also iron sight is very bad just overall bad gun

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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

★★★★★ Apprentice

L-Star is awful. High recoil, overheats too fast, blinding muzzle flash. I never pick up the L-Star anymore, it's the worst care package weapon.


Alternator with disruptor rounds is still overpowered and needs another nerf. I believe the P2020 with hammerpoint rounds with a fully kitted Alternator is also overpowered, but you rarely see anyone running the combo with how scarce loot is in the game.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

★★ Apprentice



This gun is the kind of gun you pick up just to try it out and because the bullets, when fired, look pretty cool. Otherwise I would never drop one of my guns for it. 

The only times I did use the L-Star was for the challenge that needed 10 knock downs with it. 


The gun itself is pretty good early game against lvl 1 armor or no armor enemies. But thats at close range. The trailer showed Bangy using it to shoot wraith at a decent distance, however, if I attempt to do this, the gun decided it wants to fly into the air and blind you altogether. 


Hip firing the L-Star is way more useful than aiming with it. Id just say reduce the recoil a bit or the muzzle flash


In all honesty though, Im not too sure what this gun is suppose to be. Close range gun? Mid? Machine gun? Burst type AR? Make up your mind L-Star, I want to use you in all your glory but im not sure how aside from up close and personal. 

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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

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I still think disruptor rounds need to be nerfed a little bit more. It's basically an easy button.


When i use em, i can easily get squad wipes. When used against my team, the same occurs. It just seems to be a bit over powered atm. 


Alternator/disruptor has become a gun i don't leave the house without and it's a bit dumb. 


Just my thoughts, because even when me and friends used it, we literally all think, "man this is broken" 

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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

Let's discuss!



For me, not a game changer. I do not see many players using this against me. I've tried it a few times, but for me, the muzzle flash of the gun is blocking all of the view.

I find it extremely hard to follow an enemy player and continuously hit the shots on him. I think it can use a buff in the sense that the muzzle flash must be reduced.

Also, I haven't seen the L-Star in the last few rounds. New weapons are exciting, but new care-packed weapons don't change the game that much tbh.



Contrary to the L-Star, the new hop-ups have definitely changed the meta. I love equiping the disruptor rounds to the alternator, and the P2020 with hammerpoint rounds are also insane! The disruptor rounds were too good, but they have been nerfed significantly. I don't think these need to change.

However, maybe get new voicelines that actually call out all the different hop-ups, because it is quite annoying to have to look at the text to know what my team is needed!


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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

L-star = useless because its only in crates. GL finding it with ammo


Disruptor = OP if u can connect 4 consecutive shots to the head


Hammerpoint = bind mousewheel to attack and p2020 like an AR at someone with white armor. Mozambique still garbage with 3 shots.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

★★★ Guide

Gotta agree with most of the L star complaints here, the muzzle flash is far too much for any effective ADS, no point having all that power if you can't see where you're shooting and hip fire is a big no no with it's fire rate.


Not really bothered with the disruptor rounds, as effective as they are i'd still rather run a mid range weapon.


Hammerpoints i hated initially, until i turned my trigger sensitivity up and ran it on a p2020. This thing absolutely shreds early game, love it!

Even on the mozambique it is damn powerful, but its a bit too situational for my liking personally.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!


I know this thread is a little old now but I've been thinking today about the new hop-ups and I have a thought on the best way to balance them.


I think this goes for both Hammerpoint and Disruptor rounds, the damage should stay the same, but the falloff for the buffs should be a lot more drastic at range, which would make sense right as both hop-ups sound like something that would be more effective at close range?


Distruptor rounds 


0m - 15m - 1.7x

15m - 50m - 1.7x - 1.2x

50m - 100m - 1.2x - 1.0x

100m+ - 0.8x


Hammerpoint rounds


0m - 10m - 2.4x

10m - 50m - 2.4x - 1.6x

50m - 100m - 1.6x 1.2x

100m+ - 1.1x


It feels kinda dirty when you drain someone's shields from serious range with the alternator, it doesn't feel like something you should be able to do.


Anyway I'm interested to hear what people think of that, and whether it would change the meta.



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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

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I like that, but my only request is that the damage never drops below the base damage of the weapon. I wouldn't want a .8 multiplier at long range, but the rest of it sounds good to me and I feel the same way.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight: L-Star and new Hop Ups!

@Cpl_McAssBlaster That's fair enough, I added that so that there was more of a trade off when using the disruptors, not that the alternator is really used often at serious range. The disruptors already have a few trade offs so I'm not sentimental about the 0.2x past 100m.
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