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Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

by EA_David

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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@TissuePaper77 Exactly this! If I pick up a SMG I should be a close range threat, not a distance threat. I feel they have this same problem with the shotgun. Understandably, you'll need the hop up on the shotgun. But these are to be close range weapons. You shouldn't be getting huge damage numbers from a great distance.
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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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Are we talking about hemlok with, or without, the inspect weapon exploit? And/or auto-clicker macros?


With one or the other, hemlok is really quite broken; r99 fire rate, spitfire damage, r301 recoil.

It desperately needs fixing.


More generally I think all semi-auto guns that can be macro'ed need a rethink, even the p2020.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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★★ Guide

Hard to use weapon, but when you get a kill it is the most rewarding.

This weapon requires skill to use.

Many people don't pick it up because at time it cant hit the side of a barn.

At time this weapon will get you killed and looted.

But if you are on a strong team that will allow you to get close enough to get kill, lasering some one is the greatest feeling you can have playing this game.

It feels as good as one shotting the last member of squad in the head with a longbow. "KABLOW" "Billing" "You are the new kill leader."

Except it is "KLAAAAAAAAAAAAW" "Billing" ... Then you watch their body go flying.

Greatest feeling ever.




"I love the scream of that R-99."

"It gets me killed half the time but when it works its the most rewarding."

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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The R-99 is not over powered untill you hit start putting on the attachments. The issue is not with the gun but lack of options to use much else. 


Most end game fights it's either r-99 or r301. Personally I don't mind it being nerfed or not it's just rather tedious to know unless you run these you are at a large disadvantage over someone running them. 



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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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@InsurgentWrath I think possibly they are too common rather than to powerful.
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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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@EA_David The R99 is a weapon most equipped with almost any legend You come across. It is good, fast and deadly. The extended magazine is a must if You aren't a pro with Your shots. I have been melted full shield and health with these bad boys. It's a well above good gun. The Hemlock is another beast if You can land Your shots. Single fire is devastating but if You can get the timing down the bursts are all You need. Both of these weapons are great in combat. If anything instead of nerfing dps maybe decrease magazine size. I would not like to see the R99 completely nerfed into the ground seeing as though I spent money on skins :P  But all jokes aside they are very deadly in good players hands. But consider most people aren't pro players. So again if anything slightly decrease magazine size so You can't get mowed down in one magazine.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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R99- we all know it's a yeah, enough said really.


Hemlok- This is my go to AR, this thing is brutal when used properly, whack a good barrel on it and you've got a real head hunting cannon on your hands. People talk about how good this thing is on single fire, but the burst option is not to be ignored either.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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Looks like I need to try again some weapons, like R-99 and R-301.

I usually equip with Hemlok, G7 or Longbow + EVA8, but should give those two a try... please, add them to Armed&Dangerous! Large smile

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