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Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

by EA_David

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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Burst weapons are only good when you  have unaware opponent in front of you, else you are dead!

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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As people have said the R-99 is great for dmg output but is hard to control... in my experience most players will not get a knock on an aware moving target without at least one reload as it fires so fast unless you can track perfectly you will send quite a few of the bullets wide of target... this is I suppose with why it has become a favourite with aimlockers and no-recoliers.


Recently I have been favouring the Prowler for close combat, its slower fire rate and 35 clip size gives you a greater chance (or me at least with my aim) of getting a down without a reload in close combat. Add to that the fact it will carry a digital threat AND is better at medium range than the R-99, make it for me the better choice atm.


All that depends on the hop-up of course. The Hemlock I use rarely as it doesn't have the punch of a scout or 301 at range and personally I don't like to rely upon 3 shot burst close up... however that is more thinking about late game encounters when you are going to be going up against purple R99s, peacekeepers or wingmen... in none of those encounters would I feel confident using a Hemlock.


In early game however is a different story, the Hemlock is quite nice then... would certainly take it over alternator and probably prowler as being more versatile and easier to control, although empties very quick in burst mode... maybe 21 base clip would be better?

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99


I think both weapons are in a really great place at the moment!



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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

[ Edited ]

Hemlock = medium range.


As a Gibraltar player this is how I think:


Ideal setup = long range and close range weapon. Preferably a Triple Take and Peacekeeper.


Compromise = medium range (Hemlock/Spitfire/R301) and short range/long range. I'll accept a Hemlock and EVA-8.


Worst case scenario = medium and medium range. I'll settle for two medium range guns such as a Hemlock and R301. But it's not the ideal setup for Gibraltar when I play him.


The reason is that, when using Gibraltar, I have to be able to damage enemies at range to supplement his Ultimate: 'Defensive Barrage'. So I want high damage plus good ranged accuracy along with some powerful close range back-up.


But I also have to maximise the potential of Gibraltar's Defensive Barrage itself. To do that I need Ultimate Accelerant. Maybe 3 ideally, depending on inventory / backpack capacity. So that's 3 inventory slots. But by using a sniper and a shotgun I'm able to cut down on the amount of ammo I need. The Hemlock, due to it's burst fire module, is also economical on ammo. This means I can still get the additional inventory slots I need to carry the Ultimate Accelerants. Plus the Hemlock still has some of the same traits in it's range and accuracy that a sniper rifle has.


And that's why I use the hemlock. Nerd

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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@warslag  Love the feedback from the perspective from a Legend. That does make a huge difference. R-99 can be devastating with the digital scope when you're using Bangalore's smoke. 

I prefer the Hemlock over the Flatline but if the Spitfire is available I'll exchange it out. Single fire is great for long distance and ammo conservation reasons, but if I'm not packing a Peacekeeper, EVA-8, or R-99 as my close range weapon the burst fire is not forgiving at all if you miss a shot or two on the enemy. 

Would love the option to include a select fire for it with the ability to go full-auto. The prowler is one of my favorites when you can turn it full-auto, but it's risky at times to hang onto it hoping you'll come across that attachment.


R-99 is in a great spot. It's rough to use if you don't have the lvl 3 extended mag, but when attached it's the top of it's class for close-range weapons.


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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99




Thanks. Standard smile


R-99 makes sense if you're assaulting other squads. But if you're enemies are already damaged by AoE or by sniper fire then a shotgun gives you that explosive punch. It's also perfect when you're already in a sniper spot and using cover. Because then you're usually dealing with those onrushing R-99 players who may not have expected to suddenly lose a chunk of shield from a barrage or a sniper shot. I think that when I'm playing Gibraltar it's all about taking chunks out of players. Which also makes sense because Gibraltar has a healthy appetite.


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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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@EA_David The R-99 on Xbox is absolutely broken af. You can get one clipped on n a second while at full health and lvl 4 armor. Countless times I’m unable to even make a quarter turn to defend my 6 when getting rolled up on. So many times melted with full health and lvl 3 armor which led the assaulter still has rounds in his magazine. I’m amazed & shocked by some people’s ability to accurately and effectively use the weapon at mid ranges... the R-99 has Extremely fast reload... it is also highly abundant around the battlefield and as I’ve heard the weapon being referred to as a “top tier weapon” why is it dropped around the map as if it’s a blue rarity item? About 80% of the time I’m killed by the overused and overpowered meta noob cannon of a weapon. Needs reworking bad, and I’ll bet those who try to say otherwise use this broken gun as their go to weapon of choice...
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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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If hemlok gets " select fire "  hop up , it will be awesome . but i guess it will make it way too over-powered ( long range + high damage + less recoil).  

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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@DerPrimerPanzer I completely agree. The R-99 definitely needs a slight adjustment. I have a few issues with it's current state. firstly, its far too common of a weapon that requires the most common ammo in the game, making it the easy go to weapon. Secondly, the effective use at mid-range in gun fights is ridiculous. This is the major one for me. You have a weapon that absolutely melts at close range and you can basically get the same result at mid-range. For such a common weapon along with a quick reload it makes this weapon far too strong.

Don't get me wrong most people are going to say it's hard to control and if you miss your shots your are in trouble. I agree with all of that but lets be honest, if you are missing your shots not matter the weapon you're in trouble regardless. The R-99 is a fun gun and I use it time to time mostly because I come across so many. A slight nerf to the range would put this weapon in a great place.
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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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Usually SMG are meant for close range, but this game, especially r99 that have crazy fire rate that able to deal same damage at far distance. Where is the law of physics?

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