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Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

by EA_David

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Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

Community Manager

Hi all, it's time to talk weapon balance!

Last week we discussed the R-301 and the P2020, you can check it out here!


This week we're looking at 2 guns that I've personally been having a lot of success with lately, the Hemlok Burst AR and the R-99 SMG






What are your thoughts on these guns right now? Do you always flip your Hemlok to single-fire? Do you try to use it at mid-close, or do you find the Hemlok viable at long distance?

How many stacks of bullets do you keep for your R99? Is an extended mag mandadory? At close range do you think it deletes people too fast, or is it just right. 

Let us know what you think below!

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

★★★★ Apprentice

All you need is 2 R99's Full kits and its GG throw some nades in there and Ark's for  Good times!


Are there other guns left in the game anymore?


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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

★★★ Guide
I think the Hemlock needs a buff, r99 its fine
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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

[ Edited ]
★ Guide

The R-99 cheesegrater is 100% my go-to out of the two of them. It's a risky sort of weapon really. Recoil on it is a beast even when fully kitted out so you have to be confident you can keep it under control if you decide you're going to use it. You can get kills with a level 1 extended on it but it's so easy to miss shots with the R99 it's best to have a level 2 for safety at the very least. Needs a sight on it too, like most weapons the iron sights are terribad so a red-dot is the way to go.


Hemlock is pretty good but I'll always choose the R-99 over it though the Hemlock beats R-99 over distance, hands down. As far as aesthetics go the Hemlock skins are way better than the R-99 skins. I don't use the Hemlock all that often but I still want all the skins for it because they look awesome.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

★★★★★ Guide

I love them both. I take the Hemlock over the Spitfire now as it shreds if you can hit all your shots and it's ammo efficient so it pairs well with the R99 and all the ammo you need to carry for it lol.


Both in a good place for me.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

★★ Apprentice

Hemlok is more reliable than VK47 unless the bullet will land on the target we aim , during long range combat I will switch fire mode to semi-automatic , everything about it just fine .

R99's recoil is not easy to control to me (maybe I need a better video card to give me some boost on frames) , so I will limit use it in the range within 10 meters . It shoot fast , hit harder and miss easier .

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99


Ah yes hemlock time.

I think the hemlok is one of the best balanced weapons in the game.
It can shine in multiple situation and suits most play styles.


I instantly lock it into single fire as it can deliver accurate DPS from Mid to long range. +- 200 max.
When it comes to close quarters fights it is very strong in 3 round burst and just him firing as the hip fire is accurate.
It's uses not that much ammo and is amazing with a spitfire or wingman if you want to stick with heavy ammo guns.

I'm not really a fan of the R-99, way to much recoil and difficult to control.

I rather use the P2020 over the R-99, it's a good armour shedder but a shot gun like the EVA-8 could easily do that job.

If it had a 2-4 round burst i would make pick it up but i don't really like full auto sub machine guns in general.



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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

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★★★★★ Guide

Screw the hemlock. That weapon has screwed me over so many times in the past that I don’t like it. I really like no burst weapon. I think in my life I really only liked one burst weapon and that’s the Daemon in Black Ops 4 xD. That thing just ravishes ppl in my hands. It’s basically a fully auto if you can hit the trigger fast enough. But back to hemlock. Sometimes it melts opponents but most times I just suck with it. But when an enemy has it and I have purple shield, it seems I die within a second... weird gun. If they’re not strafing, I can play with it xD. But I like the 5round burst of the Prowler more.

R99, one of my previous go-to weapons. When the game launched and move ahead 2-4 weeks further. I started using this gun. Hotdamn, I could even own without sights. Heck, I preferred it without them. Now I just get blinded due to the iron sights. I still really like the gun but if you don’t practice with it or are good with high recoil weapons, you wont like it. I still regularly carry it. Either in combination with a prowler or a havoc. Good looks, good if-your-back-is-turned-towards-me-you-are-basically-dead-already DPS and it reloads fast.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

★★★★★ Guide

Love 'em both

Wouldn't change anything about them!



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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Hemlok & R-99

★★★ Apprentice

I love the hemlok, I always have it on single fire. It's great for mid range, even longer range if you have the 3x HCOG on it. I prefer to use the 2x HCOG on single fire, and I only need about 160 rounds for it. If you can land your shots it's great. 


I also love the R-99 for close quarters, although you need to have at least a level 2 extended mag once you're closer to end game otherwise you'll need to make sure to have cover for reloading. The standard clip it has won't do for tier 2 or 3 armor but that's the point of attachments. 

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