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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

by heme725

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Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

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Community Manager

Hi all!


It's weapon balance time! Last week we talked about the G7 and Alternator, check it here!


This week we're firing from the hip, with the Eva 8 Auto, and the Havoc Rifle






Do you hold onto the Eva for the whole match, or do you just use it to chase unlucky hot droppers off your lawn? Did the Shotgun ammo nerf hurt the gun badly for you? Is getting that satisfying full figure of 8 hitmarker work taking the dive in, or will you wear enemies down from a little further away?


Is the Havoc worth keeping even if you don't get a hop-up? I personally prefer the turbocharger, or are you more of a selectfire connoisseur?


Let us know what you think below!

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

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★ Pro

Both are good for hotdrop when you don't have your favorite guns:


Eva is good for short distance battle during hotdrop. The bullet sucks, waste too many space.


Havoc is good for short distance battle during hot drop. For medium distance, it's suitable for PC since easier to control the * UP moment, not so much fun for console. 

The flare is very annoying. Hate it.


I mostly change these 2 guns on the late part of the game.


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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

★★★ Guide
@EA_David EV8 sucks bad with out attachments , Havoc = rubber bullets
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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

★★★★ Novice

eva 8 just isnt worth it with the ammo changes. and the havoc, ok i guess? turbocharger might be ok if the gun was fine without a scope at medium range.  the barrel flare when ads is aids lol

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

★★★ Apprentice

In my eyes it makes no difference whether it was Eva 8 or Peacekeeper and Havoc/or Turbocharger I would say I very rarely use them beyond early game. 


Either of the shotguns for me are too hit and miss. Be it my own aim or hit registration the risk is too much. You can miss once maybe twice with a peacekeeper but anymore and you're dead and Eva 8 just seems to do no damage despite all of the numbers. Not requesting a buff, it's just my experience. 


As for Havoc, similar to the above I rarely hold it for long for different reasons. Both the devotion and Havoc have been nerfed to a point they rely too much on decent attachments let alone having enough ammo. I see plenty of extended energy mags but rarely a decent one, and if I do I've already dropped the gun. As for ammo unless youve a decent backpack early enough, to carry plenty of ammo, there is never enough as you go around because noone else carries it! 


Now a single fire Havoc is a different kettle of fish. I've not used it much tbf and the delay is annoying but something to reduce its effectiveness is needed otherwise it would be too powerful. The damage is decent and although it is inferior to say a longbow the fact you can switch it back to full auto for CQC is great. 


I just think energy weapons need some more love to increase their usage to make them worthwhile. 

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

★★ Guide

Woah finally I can get out my hate for the Eva 8. Lets begin. 


Eva 8 for all the glory and rounds it can hold is amazing. However, with the changes to only be able to stack 16 shells, it kinda makes the gun useless further into the game. As 2 clips and you're already out of ammo or have to carry 4 stacks or more which takes up a lot of space for other items or ammo. Not a good gun to really use unless you plan to swap out later. 


I wish they would change the ammo stacks to at least 20-24 to make a shotgun worth carrying and spraying. 


Havoc to me is in an all around good spot. Early game the gun is amazing at putting down enemies who pick up a gun with no attachments. If you can control that recoil even a little, it becomes something deadly and not something an enemy wants to hitting them for too long. The two hop ups it uses are amazing given you pick up a extended mag or some sort and a scope you're comfortable using. 


My overall favorite thing to do with it is carry both hop ups and a basic x1 scope so i can go from sniper to AR in an instant. There is no bullet drop that I can see when in single fire so it's an amazing feeling when you hit someone across the map all by lining up your cross hairs perfectly. 


If I was to suggest any change to the Havoc, it would just be to extend the magazines a bit more. It runs out fast with a turbocharger and without the charger, you're missing half those shots trying to build up the speed for the havoc. 

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

★ Apprentice

The Eva 8 feels useless to me now. If I'm using two different types of ammo then I'll only give the lesser gun 2 stacks which is nowhere near enough for the Eva 8.


The Havoc is my favorite close range weapon with or without the turbo charger however I haven't found a point to select fire on it. Its easier and faster to down a target with the havoc's regular spray unless they're outside of close range and stationary. If they're outside of close range I'd rather switch to the long bow or triple take for kills than use the select fire attachment.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

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★★ Guide



The Havoc is a rarely used weapon on the PS4.
Most people pass it over until they have a turbocharger.
And by the time they find a turbocharger they will have a fully modded R301, Alternator, or Flatline.



  • The Havoc deals high damage, at 18 damage.
  • Has a rather large magazine capacity for an assault rifle.


  • The Havoc has terrible hipfire.
  • The Havoc has high recoil.
  • The Havoc has low firerate at 550 RPM.
  • A delayed firerate.
  • Requires turbocharger or cover priming to be useful.
  • Turbocharger is a golden attachment. - Hard to find.
  • Havoc is not a good weapon if you are ambushed.
  • Havoc is not a good weapon for fast paced unpredictable combat.

The Turbocharger should give the Havok better close range.
The Turbocharger should give the Havok a tighter hipfire.

Havoc Select-Fire
The Select fire should give the Havoc long range.
The charged beam is a good idea.
The problem, is the trigger charge up.
The Havoc should charge while ADS and stay charged until the fire button is pressed.

The Havok is a strong, full-auto, medium range weapon.
The Havok has some close range capability with the Turbocharger, and some long range capability with Select-fire.
Without a hop-up the Havok is purely medium range.
The turbocharger should be more common.

**Review is Finished**

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

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★ Apprentice

@EA_DavidEva-8 is awesome early game and even mid game with a purple bolt. Wouldn't change it tbh. I do miss having an 80 stack of shotgun ammo with it tho. I might suggesting bumping it up to at least 24. Very very hard to find shotgun ammo late game.

Havoc is amazing. Even without the turbo. With select fire tho, it's actually really really bad. It needs a big damage increase for people to actually utilize it in game. I really only select fire if I really want a prowler later on. Essentially... it's like the old alternators purpose to hold attachments for r99 meme.


I should also express that I've had kind of a hard time sniping with the havoc compared to the triple take. I think it has to do with the delay charge.  It's probably my fault tho. Easy on sitting targets, hard on moving ones.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Eva 8 & Havoc

★★★★★ Guide

Always loved the Eva and always @AcessorieSS  said...24 would be perfect!

I don't use energy weapons other than the triple if I feel like sniping a bit. Don't like the single shot at all with the Havoc...again...that split second wait kinda sucks





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