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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Devotion and Prowler

by 7Cyanide

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Devotion and Prowler

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@hhnbbfggty66Prowler isn't lame. I think it needs less recoil with lvl 1 lvl 2 Standard stock. With lvl 3 Standard stock selectfire and digital threat it can be pretty good.
Your profile pic indicates that you are playing Bangalore but i guess you are not using her at her full potential unless you are using 2 R99 with digital threat. My main is Bangalore and Prowler + R99 all with digital threat is my Beast smoke mode on! x)

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Devotion and Prowler

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Prowler was my favorite weapon when I started playing Apex. I just never got completely used to the recoil.


I think it could be reduced slightly without the hop-up. With the hop-up, it really shines but it also has a lower recoil with the hop-up. I can understand it would be too strong without any recoil- just picked up in the beginning but you have people picking up peacekeepers that one shot you anyway so.. early game is a sorta mixed bag

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Devotion and Prowler

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@AWOL_312 Prowler trash-mg with the hop up it should be automatic i dont see what the hop up even do.
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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Devotion and Prowler

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Dude, The Prowler is just Sub-Par for me. Here is why:


I like to classify weapons by range effectiveness.


The Prowler full auto is not very accurate beyond close range.

The Prowler fire-rate is too low for close-quarter combat.

The Prowler time to kill is just too high.

The Prowler can not compete with the R99 or Peacekeeper at close quarters.

Heck... the Prowler can not even compete with an Eva-8 at close quarters.

The Prowler is a poor close quarters weapon, that can be easily beat by any of the above mentioned weapons.

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Re: Weapon Spotlight - Devotion and Prowler

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I definitely am a fan of both the Devotion and Prowler. In fact, these are two guns which probably compliment each other quite well and can be completely devastating in combination at close range.


The drawback to these two guns is the space needed in your inventory to carry their ammo. You have to bear that in mind if you're going to use these two together.


Two really fun guns though.

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