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We need this system !

by TJ400000

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We need this system !

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Hi guys,


I have been thinking about this for a few days.


An endorsement system, that I got inspired by Overwatch, should be implenmented in Apex to encourage people to keep play and prevent them from leaving early.


If any of you have seen the endorsement system lately introduced in Overwatch that you could endorse at most 3 teammates out of 5. Each endorsement will contribute a trivial 50XP but most attractively, it will give the player an endorsement point and will accummulate to level up.


That is when you had enough endorsement points, your endorsement level goes up and you get weekly rewards depending on your level.


In OW, it is there are 5 levels, everyone starts from 1, and could goes up to a maximum of 5 ( which is really tough to get and I have only got to 4 I think )


And the rewards in OW is like this,


Level 1 - No Reward

Level 2 - 1 Loot Box

Level 3 - 2 Loot Boxes

Level 4 - 3 Loot Boxes

Level 5 - 4 Loot Boxes


But, as Apex is a free game, I actually don't think it is very appropriate for devs to give out a few packs each week.


So, I am gonna suggest this conservatively ( though many people will expect some packs for rewards but I am not expecting it now ) that if Respawn would add en endorsement system here, then the reward could be like.


Level 1 - No Reward

Level 2 - 25 Crafting Metal

Level 3 - 50 Crafting Metal

Level 4 - 50 Crafting Metal & 1 Common Item

Level 5 - 50 Crafting Metal & 1 Rare Item


Now, how would we endorse:


As those who know this from Overwarch, you have this thing appears at bottom that you press N to have it open, and you click on the teammates from last game then select which kind of endorsement you would like to give.


In OW, there are 3 options like,


- Positive Playing

- Great Support

- Team Leader


It doesn't matter which one you give, their effects are the same, people could give 20 Positive Playing or 20 Team Leader to you and your endorsement points will be same.


And I designed a few endorsement option for Apex. I am thinking to have the endorsement system be more sophisticated that would not only encourage people to play more positively but also report those who violates.


So, how about you click on one of your last squadmates and you get 3 green options for positive endorsement and 3 red options for negative report.


They are:




- Good Communicator

- Combat Master

- Positive Support




- Violation for being a bot

- Violation by cheating

- Violation by being rude


Well, still I haven't put leaving early as a negative report here because I believe players are still should be free to leave early, but it is just they don't get the weekly rewards.


And finally, the negative reports in the endorsement will act like a police. The devs will see if an account gets like 20 negative reports for " He is a bot ! " then the devs could certainly have this account being banned ~

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Re: 2019.4.24 - We could solve many problems by having this endorsement system !

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The entire house is on fire yet you're concerned with the drapes.

Odd but okay.

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Re: 2019.4.24 - We could solve many problems by having this endorsement system !

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On fire ? Seriously ? I find this game still quite fun though Origin was again off.


Also, quite disppointed as the 1st reply I get is not something very positive.

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Re: We need this system !

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This just seems like you want more free stuff from a free game if everything is free how does the game make money companies don’t make games because they like to they make them to make money if everything is free where does the money come from

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Re: We need this system !

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Hey bro, maybe you are not in the mood today but if you have read some other people's posts then you will see much more greedy players than me.


I am totally surprised to see your careless comments. It does not make any sense and I was extremely disappointed.


The idea of endorsement system is to encourage people to work and behave in better ways also to report and eliminate violators in an easier way.


I can't believe you are accusing me - TJ400000 for greedy that I already said please do not expect to have free packs like the loot boxes in Overwatch because this is a free game.


So, if you are not in the mood or simply did not read my post carefully then please do not reply. Your reply is very damaging as it is the first few replies for my original yet very sincere idea.



I already suggested some crafting metal for level 2 and level 3 might be appropriate and have you got any idea how difficult it will be to achieve such level in Overwatch, not talking about the rarerly seen level 4 and level 5.


You will need lots of good comments from your teammates to achieve those, so this is not some greedy crafting metal and everyone could obtained, this is the hard reward earned by those good players.


BTW, are you from the devs ? Just please don't reply if you think words from human like you are appropriate when replying. We are not politicians, and I don't need weird accusation from you, we both are players and we should think of better ways to have games to be designed better, but not accusing each other.

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Re: We need this system !

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People act like we can't suggest stuff even though the game has a long way to go... smh


Personally, I love this idea and would like to see more interaction between players. They'd have to be careful though, as people would troll... so we don't want to have good-intention players with a bad rep because people are dumb like that lol


But overall, I like the idea.

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Re: We need this system !

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Great idea. I love the vote system, it reminds me of league of legends and I feel it could be implemented in Apex too.

On a more critical note though, I hope apex doesn't ban people based on the amount of negative reports because this system could be abused a lot. I believe that for any report system, a fair investigation has to take place before every single ban. (except for auto-detectwd third party programs and hacks)

Great overall idea, +1
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Re: We need this system !

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Hi !


I've been rethinking about this greedy thing you said and thought maybe 25 and 50 crafting metal is a bit too much, so I am thinking maybe 10 CM for level 2, and 25 CM for level 3, 4 & 5 ?


The common and rare item for level 4 & 5 could still be there I guess.


Reason that I thought only giving 10 CM for level 2 is because level 2 is relatively not hard to achieve almost everyone who plays could get it and level 3 is also not extremely difficult.



@opiexity @jonesy0218 



Thanks for the supporting comments guys ! Cheers !



I just had another idea. This idea was not even 5 minutes old. So I'll try to speak it out :


I think many people agree on this, the most exciting part of the game is when you and at least 1 teammate made to the top 5 that there could really be the chance for winning.


So, to get there, there would be like less of all dropping in hot zone, fight with bare hand, run like hell without even a white armor stuffs like that.


I mean, you could drop in hot zone or wherever you want, but when you got to run and try to stay alive, you should make a quick decision and run like hell.


Imagine you and your teammates all run to different parts of the map, all stayed alive, all found some decent loot through the way, then all reunited at the final battle part of the game ( just felt sounds a bit like Game of Thrones )


Anyway, that what I found interesting. Not always the quick as hell games, not lasting more then 3 minutes. And you don't know when is your next chance to get to final 3 with at least 1 squadmates.



So, what I wanted to say is, there is a time requirements, that only teammates that played for more than, let's say, 5 minutes ? or 7 minutes ? are eligiable for endorsement.

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Re: We need this system !

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Never called you greedy just don’t agree with your opinion.

honestly calling me damaging because I don’t agree with you is what is hurting the forums I just have a different opinion than you but have a wonderful day

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Re: We need this system !

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ok, great to hear you had a wonderful day bro !


It is just don't you think this system could help with the current issues this game have ?


And if you don't think this would help, then could you tell me why ?

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