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Re: We need a proper training room!

by Nino_Z

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We need a proper training room!

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Here's my issue - the tutoral is not an adequate replacement for a real training room. It features all weapons, but offers no attachments and other items. You can't take damage there, etc.

I demand a training room with all weapons and attachments, dummies who are close and REALLY far, as well as all armors, etc. Just offer me all ingame items and a large place to experiment with them. The battlefield simply isn't a good place to try all ideas and confirm all suspicions. Make it happen. Oh yeah, a few of the dummies should just shoot in a straight line, so one can get in front and be hit by them. 


It would be even better if it's possible to enter it with other people, so that we can test things together.

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Re: We need a proper training room!

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@Nino_Z We need proper servers , proper devs team.
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Re: We need a proper training room!

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You've gotta start small :D 

Let's get a training room at least :D

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