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Re: We need a Glossary Of Inscription Terms

by XVyper

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We need a Glossary Of Inscription Terms

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We need a glossary for inscriptions that come on items, many are straight forward, but there are a handful that make no logical sense and/or need explaining. Examples of this are as such:


Support +X% Luck - This one is increased chance for a piece of loot to drop at a higher tier, this is not clear in any way, and it also shares a naming convention with Support +X% Speed, which is tied to your support ability. This is incredibly detrimental to the game because Luck is extremely important, if you put on ~100% luck your chances of getting MW items goes up tremendously.


Effect +-X% resist - Does this make it easier to apply an effect, does it make the effect do more damage?


Combo +X% Targets - This makes sense but lacks clarity, I don’t know how many targets a I can combo at once so I don’t know if 15% is worth even putting on. Does 15% even push me over to another target or not, how does the game round?


Combo +15% Aura Eff - Does this increase the interceptors aura damage or range, or strength of effect application? Does it do something entirely different since I am getting it on Storm only components?


Impact vs Physical vs Weapon Damage on guns. How do these interact with different damage types. I have a Truth of Tarsis that does 2183 Damage and 6549 blast damage, it has a +150% Physical damage mod on it. I would expect when I shoot something with this gun it should at least do 2183 x 2.5 + 6549 = 12006 damage. It hits normal red bar enemies on any difficulty for about 8300 damage, which is under what adding the damage and blast damage together would do. SOMETIMES it hits for 24k without a crit shot, What is going on here?


The systems and damage synergies in the game are so poorly explained that it makes it overly difficult to get certain builds working, or to even bother theory crafting because the theory is clear as mud.


Testing all this is also extremely annoying due to needing to load to forge, load out of forge, load to expedition screen, load into free roam, find something to test on, collect results, load out of free roam, load to score screen, load to forge ,etc etc etc.

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Re: We need a Glossary Of Inscription Terms

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Yes, oh dear god please!
So much is not clear.
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